‘Why Nigerians should vote for incumbent President Goodluck’

By benim
In Election
Feb 28th, 2011

Electoral reforms, the consolidation of the Amnesty programme, increase in power supply are some of the achievements of the administration of Goodluck Jonathan and his deputy, Namadi Sambo in the few months they have been in charge of affairs in Aso Rock. The National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), Rufa’i Alkali said this at the weekend in Benin. Mr Alkali, who addressed journalists during a brief stopover of the presidential trail in Benin City on a campaign trip to Delta State, said this makes it obvious why Nigerians must return Messrs Jonathan and Sambo back to office through their votes come April 2011. He said: “What we are saying is that if we know that we have won the elections, we would have gone home and stop campaigning, why should we waste time resources and energy and carry our president around the country at high risk to campaign? No, we believe we can win but we cannot win without reaching the people. That is why you must reach them, talk to them and also promise them things they will understand. So, we are prepared to go extra mile to reach the people, and that is what we are doing, that is why we are not sleeping.”

Promoting peace

Mr Alkali said one area of interest to the government is to ensure that the nation continues to live in peace and harmony, as against insinuations that the PDP-led government has failed in tackling the incessant security breaches across the federation.

“This party, this government initiated and then encouraged and supported the movement of the electoral reforms that today Nigerians are celebrating, so the issue of security is also being looked at very seriously,” he said. “The issue of security of lives and property is the fundamental requirement of the government. Government is busy tackling these issues of security breaches as we observed in Jos, Bauchi. But remember that most of these issues were inherited by this government. Most of what this party has been doing is to address these problems.” NEXT

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