2013 Nations Cup: Beat Nigeria and get dollars, Says Liberia President

LIBERIA President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has promised a game bonus of United States dollars (about N24M) for a win against Nigeria in today’s Africa Cup of Nations qualification match.

In a radio broadcast to the country on Thursday evening, President Johnson-Sirleaf commended the team for a recent friendly win against Malawi on Tuesday but said the real victory she needs is the one that will unfold today.

“I want to welcome all of our fellow countrymen who have come from overseas to lift the colour of the nation on the pitch, we wish all of you success as you go all out in defence of the state,” the President said in her broad-cast.

The Liberian leader urged all Liberians across the country to put on their Red, White and Blue to participate in the game by cheering the team to victory.

“All of you that will not come to see the team because you are far away in other parts of the country, I ask that you tune in to the radio to continuously support the team throughout the 90 minutes.

“As for you the playing team, we want victory from you and you get a return from us all Liberians, especially a game bonus of 150,000 United States Dollars,” the Liberian leader concluded in her two minutes radio message. Tribune

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