by Fejiro Oliver

The 2014 budget which was submitted to the National Assembly will see Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan spend N2,999,106,500 just for his office use, figures which were not detailed on what those uses are, while a whooping N.378 billion will be use to junket round the country and beyond. The numerous fleets of vehicles in the President’s garage will be

serviced with N132,964,485 while the State House will have to themselves N8,739,307,625 of which staff directly under the payroll of the Presidency will gulp N1,291,425,890 while personnel will be paid N1,503,284,957.

The State House will be spending N10,803,346 on mere refreshment and meals as part of the miscellaneous while the social contribution would cost N211,859,067. For ordinary office stationery/newspapers, computer consumables/catering materials and foodstuff/ etc which is yet to be completely exhausted, is allocated a giant lump of N692,690,063.
For Telephone, Internet access, electricity, water rates, sewage charges and leased communication will swallow N173,196,464. Allowances and social contribution is running away with N211,859,067. State House maintenance services, covering maintenance of motor vehicles/transport equipment, furniture, Office building/Residential quarters and others would cost N1,198,197,770.

The Vice President, Namadi Sambo will spend N70million for travels while operations in his office is meant to cost N461,726,691 which will be used for general materials and supplies as well as transport and few travels. His cooking gas, generating plants, fuel and lubricant for his vehicles will have the nation bleed to the tune of N3,545,371,566.
An outrageous N483,279,988 for the President will go on miscellaneous expenses such as publicity and advertisements as well as medical expenses while other recurrent costs are estimated at N3,535,371,566 and another N109,408,460 proposed for miscellaneous expenses