2014 Elections: Voting for long-term change, in pictures

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May 8th, 2014

The night before elections, Bekkersdal saw IEC tents being burned, which resulted in the arrest of a suspect by morning. But by voting day, residents were expressing their concerns through their ballots. Still, the police presence – and the threatening atmosphere in the air – was heavy. GREG NICOLSON took pictures.


State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele arrives at a Bekkersdal voting station to inspect the area, which has seen violent protests recently.


IEC officials help Bekkersdal voters and give them barcodes for their ID books.


A voting queue in Bekkersdal.


Police are briefed in Bekkersdal. There was an enormous police presence in the area.


The SAPS mounted unit prepare their horses in Bekkersdal, where they patrolled the area due to threats of protest action.


Two police helicopters in Bekkersdal on election day.


A man walks through the streets of Bekkersdal with a patrolling SANDF vehicle in front of him. DM

Main photo: In the East Rand’s Evergreen, called Gugulethu in the media recently, protestors wanted to prevent others from voting. The police threatened them with arrest and took their sign. Few people were seen in the local voting tent.

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