For those trendy nights

MOST weekends are reserved for parties, family outings, get together with friends and associates, dates, clubbing, cocktails, birthday and so on.

The right evening dress can make any night out feel exhilarating and can make it feel as though all eyes are gravitating towards you in admiration.. A woman needs an evening dress for all occasions that allows her to be comfortable and Goddess-like. The dress says everything. Wearing the right outfit for a date or an evening party will make you to be noticed right away without even trying. A stunning dress can do the world of good for a woman’s confidence, which is why it is essential to get the right evening dress that enables you to tackle a night out with grace and elegance. Make a statement by choosing an evening dress that is unique and incredibly dazzling to show the world that you are a strong and beautiful woman. Evening dresses come is a wide variety of styles and hues. It also comes in various cuts from the sexier to the more conservative kind to show off your lovely personality in an endearing way.

Remember, right combination with accessories, shoes, belts, bags, and so on goes a long way in complimenting your outfit.

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Iyabo’s top 10

Iyabo Lawani, TV host of Maggi Good Food Moments, tells Adetutu Audu her favourite things.

Favourite shoes designer


Favourite Fashion designer


Favourite perfume

Estée Lauder intuition

Favourite wrist Watch designer


Favourite jewelry



makeup kit

Estée Lauder

Favourite Holiday spot

Usele hahaha

Favourite car


Favourite designer bag


Favourite book

Inspirational books

and the bible

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‘There’re limits in marriage’

Standing at 5ft 11, Chika Ike, a graduate of Human Kinetics and Health Education from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria, started acting in 2004 and has won several awards. The United Nations Ambassador of Peace who also doubles as a refugee ambassador runs an accessories shop, Fancy Nancy, in Abuja. Despite her soaring profile, Chika Ike has had her own share of challenges in life, especially in the area of her crashed marriage she tells ADETUTU AUDU, there are limits in marriages.

WHAT inspired your philanthropic activities, especially your foundation?

If you are talking about the UN Peace Ambassador, it is actually a merit. It is not what you asked for. It is bestowed on you because of your work and the impact you have made in the society. That I gave out clutches to the orthopedic section of the Igbogbi hospital has to do with a promise I made when I had an accident some years ago on set. I have not really told anyone about this before. It was my last scene in the movie we were shooting, I fell and broke my leg and four of my toes were also affected. I actually went to Igbogbi for treatment. Initially, out of ignorance, I thought it was not a big deal. When I got to Igbogbi, I was told I had four fractures and I was told I would not be able to walk for two years, and I would be on bed.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened, I stayed only one month and I was back on my feet. During the period, I spoke with one of the doctors that if I am healed I would surely give back to the hospital.

Also, I saw the deplorable condition of some patients and the hospital, and that was why I chose Igbobi to donate clutches and wheelchairs. Second, was the accident that happened to me recently. I can’t explain how I escaped unhurt because everybody that came to the accident scene could not believe the occupants of the vehicle survived. I just thank God for the grace. Thirdly, some people are on their beds and would give anything to walk. And on getting there, I got wind of information that some patients could not pay their hospital bills which I also cleared.

Was it the second accident that made you remember your promise to the hospital?

I didn’t forget the promise, actually. It was just that I was busy. I have realised so many things in life. For instance, when you complain too much, there are some people out there who will give anything to be in your situation. So, at any given situation in life, we should learn to be thankful. Going to Igbogbi with all I saw, I have realised that I need to thank God.

How do you juggle between your business and acting?

It is really crazy. Today I am in Abuja, tomorrow I am in Lagos. Being an entrepreneur is what I love so much. I am happy my granny gave me Fancy Nancy while I was growing up and also happy that the name stuck to the extent of establishing a business with it. Fancy Nancy has made me to be more prudent and understand that in life you have to make crucial decisions. I now understand what bigger companies are going through.

I have to talk to my manufacturers in China. I love to design because I am the creative director. The thing is that I maybe going through this stress today, but tomorrow when I am enjoying, people would not realise that a lot of hard work has gone into it. I am also planning to produce my own movie. A lot of my colleagues have encouraged me to do it.

How has Chika Ike as a brand affected your business?

To be honest with you, Chika Ike as a brand has affected the business positively. It has made my colleagues to love my brand and support me. It has opened a lot of doors for me. I am now more fashion conscious.

What is the secret of your success in recent times when most other actresses are complaining of non-availability of jobs?

As I always say, I give all the glory to God; it is not by my power. It is the grace of God in my life and my movies. My hard work has paid off at the end of the day. People see the movies that I have done. Of course if you are not good, nobody will call you for jobs. It is the combination of hard work and the grace of God in my life. I don’t attach too much to material things.

Has acting been worth your while?

Yes, it has and I have no regrets whatsoever acting.

But has it not robbed you of some certain things?

Yes, if you are an actress or wanting to become an actress and getting attention all the time, you should know that people are going to be peeping into your private business. Everybody seems to know where you go. Sometimes it could be good, sometimes it could be bad. You have to learn to endure it and live with it.

So, how good can it be?

For me, the most important thing as an actress is that my movies are able to touch lives. If I am able to do a movie and it touches people’s lives and someone comes to say that your movie changed my life, that is the best reward I can ever get as an actress. Obviously, people do things for you; they open doors for you here and there but the most important thing is that your movie touches someone and someone can learn from what you have done.

So, how challenging can it be?

Well, you cannot do things you used to do. You cannot be somewhere trying to just be alone without someone recognising you. Sometimes you just need your privacy; sometimes you can’t just go to where you want to go to. You have to be very careful of where you hang out. You have to be very careful of what you do because people expect so much from you and you have to be cautious. You are a role model to the youths and you can’t afford to disappoint them.

You seem to play the good girl more in the industry. How come we don’t get to see you play the bad girl?

I have tried to re-invent myself. I have played different roles. I want my fans to see me in a different light and see that I can also do some other roles apart from the good-girl role. So, from all the other movies that are coming out I want them to see the other side of Chika.

Of late, people say your taste seems to be high, especially your recent trip to Abu Dhabi. What is your view?

Usually, every year, I take a vacation. I work so hard all through, I deserve a break. I just had to take time out and whenever I do, I make sure I rest very well. I don’t know why it has been all over the whole nation, but I had fun.

What lessons has life has taught you?

Life has taught me one thing, to be focused amidst all issues. I have learnt to keep moving and get myself above situations.

Whether you like or not, there must be haters. Everybody can’t like you. If you are loved by all, then you should be very careful and start asking yourself if you are doing the right thing.

It’s normal. It has taught me that life is full of ups and downs. It has also taught me to be patient.

Do you think getting married at a young age was a disadvantage or had anything to do with the way it ended?

I think it has to do with so many reasons; one of them might be being young. Some people get married that young and have been able to make their marriages work. But if you’re young, you’re young.

There are some things you’ve not experienced. You might not be able to stay calm when you’re supposed to stay calm, understand when you’re supposed to understand or leave what you’re supposed to leave.

I think it has to do with age and so many other things like compatibility and not being true to yourself in the marriage. Everybody has a limit. There are some things in marriage that you might not be able to stand. Some people’s limit might not be my limit; my limit might be somebody’s starting point.

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Between Tokunbo Modupe and Mimiko

THE head honcho of public relations outfit, TPT International and 001 Events companies, Tokunbo Modupe, who literarily moved to Ondo State following his association with the state governor, is back at his table in his Magodo office. According to a close source, things may have gone awry between the PR guru and the state helmsman as he is trying to corner new accounts for his PR company which he left for the juicy government job.

Modupe, until now, is a major player in the politics of his state, Ondo. Those in the know disclosed that he hobnobbed with the state helmsman and also handled some projects in the state, although an unreliable source squealed that the association transcends beyond handling capital projects in the state.

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Isabel Aghahowa hugs stardom

ISABEL, the beautiful daughter of the former Super Eagles player, Julius Aghahowa, is on a path to stardom. The young girl has joined Nollywood.

Her first appearance is in Uche Jombo’s movie. Eleven-year-old Isabel stars alongside other famous faces in Nollywood.

Julius Aghahowa’s name might have faded off the lips of Nigerians but his daughter is set to lift the name high.

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From Ndidi Anyaehie to Tania Omotayo

SOCIETY lady and business woman, Ndidi Anyaehie, is the popular lady behind Designer’s Club. But the news making the round is that Ndidi in her 40s has sold the clothing and accessories store to Tania Omotayo, a mulatto beauty and lover of music sensation, Wizkid. Other sources, however, say that Ndidi only leased out the place for Tania to run for a period of time since the young lady has signified her interest in turning the place around, while Ndidi moved on to other business interests.

She recently delved into real estate and opened a world-class spa in Lagos.

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CHIDIBERE NWAKALI :Mission to Man City

Golden Eaglets that won Nigeria’s record fourth title in Abu Dhabi that can be described as lion-hearted, Chidiebere Nwakali can undoubtedly wear such toga with pride for obvious reasons.

Initially, he was not one of the chosen ones as coach Manu Garba(MFR) boys secured a ticket for the CAN Under-17 Championship in Morocco but his workhorse nature in the midfield in pre tournament trainings and matches secured his place in the 23-man team. Yet Nwakali would soon become public enemy number one after his cheeky-abysmal penalty was caught by Ivorian goalkeeper, Aboubakar Diabagate, to end Golden Eaglets’ dream of a glorious outing following a 5-4 shootout loss to the Baby Elephants in the CAN finale in Marrakech.

But he remained undaunted by forcing his way into the heart of the Golden Eaglets technical crew against all odds with his puritanical devotion to the job so much so he turned out a virtuoso performance at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in the UAE. It was such commanding performance that made him subject of interest from top clubs in Europe including Anfield giants, Liverpool, Galatasaray of Turkey, AS Roma of Italy and big-spending former English Champions, Manchester City. Having secured a pre-professional contract with the blue half of Manchester, Nwakali is not oblivious of the task ahead of him.

“My mission to Manchester City is simple: to fly the Nigerian flag with pride and secondly, to help my family because I was not born into a rich home,” Nwakali exclusively told The Nation Sport & Style days after he dotted the lines.”My going to Manchester City is not about money but a lifetime opportunity to develop myself and become a professional footballer that I had long dreamed about.”

Fifth child in a family of five other boys and a girl, there is no mistaking the fact that Nwakali knew where he is heading to as the pitch of his tone changed when speaking about his humble background.

“Through this game, I want to help my family,” he said matter-of-factly. “I didn’t come from a rich family but a poor family.

“I vowed that I would be the person to lift up our family from poverty, especially with the special talent that God gave to me.

“ I vowed to make that family proud; I vowed to be the source of income for the family by becoming a professional footballer; I vowed to be their backbone and that has always been my wish for my family,” he spoke as his voice rang with melancholy.

Motivational and inspirational writer, Paul Arden, noted that ‘it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’ and Nwakali has no illusion that he’s indeed a lad on a mission when pressed about how good he wants to be.

He said: “Honestly, I can say but the Almighty God has that answer for me. But I keep praying to give me more knowledge and wisdom so that I can excel in my chosen profession as a footballer.

“ Of course, I know I have a mission in life and I have vowed to do the best I can do to fulfil that mission to become a very great player that Nigerians would be proud of,” he added, as he spoke frankly on his fledgling career. Excerpts…

How excited are you about your imminent departure to Manchester City?

I’m very, very excited but I’m not carried away with things happening around me. What I need now is to be focussed in order to achieve more because as it is now, I have not started as I have not achieved. Though I’m very happy, I’m not losing my head over the fact that I’m going to Manchester City. I’m happy because it is a good starting point for me since the club has a very good youth system which is going to really help me develop into a very great player.

At what point did you decide to sign for Manchester City because there were reports that you were going to AS Roma in Italy?

Yes, a lot of teams came. Teams like Liverpool of England, AS Roma, Galatasaray of Turkey and a host of other clubs but we settled for Manchester City after praying about it because we needed to make the right decision.

You are the second Golden Eaglet and, indeed, a Nigerian after Kelechi Iheanacho to sign for Manchester City…what is your mission in Manchester City?

My mission in Manchester City is good and I already have a plan in my head. No Nigerian player has played for Manchester City before and this is a great opportunity for Kelechi and I to prove that Nigerian players are good. We have players from all parts of the world that have played and are still playing for Manchester City, so this is a great opportunity for us to show what we are capable of doing and also make and he’s one player I’m looking forward to meeting in Manchester City. Yaya is a great player who does the right thing at the right time. He is a very great player and midfielder which any young player can look forward to in order to become a very a great player too. That is why I must push myself so hard in order to achieve great things and be a great player like Yaya.

When tomorrow comes, what should Nigerians expect from you when you start playing for Manchester City?

Nigerians should expect great things from me as well as disciplined conduct both on and outside the field of play. In all things, I would love to make Nigerians happy and be dedicated to the game.

What was going through your mind at some point when you were not going to make the Golden Eaglets’ World Cup team?

So many things were troubling my mind at that time, but I was praying to God that I should be given another opportunity so that Nigerians can know that what happened in the past was not deliberate and I’m referring to what happened in Morocco when we lost in the final to Cote d’Ivoire. I wanted people to know that it was just a mistake and wanted to be given a chance to correct the mistake; and I was happy that the coaching crew believed in me and I was taken to the World Cup eventually. I would always be grateful to Coach Emmanuel Amuneke and Nduka Ugbade for believing in me and I vowed that I was never going to disappoint them if given another opportunity.

Nigerians would like to know what was going through your mind that day when we played against Cote d’Ivoire in the CAN Final Match in Morocco because of the casual way you took your penalty kick…

Sincerely, nothing was going through my mind before taking the penalty because that was not the first time I would play a penalty. We were trained well by the coaches and I think I was one of the best in training but I was overcome by pressure. Also, I think this was a result of the fact that I was overwhelmed by the situation and you know how the mind of kids work but I have gotten over those things. If I’m given another opportunity to take a penalty in a similar situation, I would do much better. Now, I can deal with the pressure surrounding the game and I pray that such mistake I made should never come to me again because I have passed through the pains once and I’m not ready to pass through it again.

Okay, what came over you after you played that penalty and eventually Nigeria lost to Cote d’Ivoire?

I knew I had disappointed Nigerians and it was so painful but I told myself: ‘you are still a young player that is growing up and you’ll get the opportunity to correct this mistake at the right time.’ I knew I made a very big mistake and I disappointed Nigerians especially the coaching crew and other officials; my family too. This really helped me during the World Cup because I vowed that what happened in Morocco was not going to repeat itself and that was why I put in extra efforts in all our games. I really have to thank God who helped us so that we could lift that trophy which was a result of team work and unity we learned from our coaches. I believe all of us have learned how to deal with the pressure surrounding the game now.

Personally, how do you deal with pressure?

During pre-match session, our coaches usually tell us to forget about what we have done in the past and for us to go out and do the best we can. That gives me confidence to always go out there to do my best.

One of your brothers, Kelechi, is also a footballer, how good is he?

I want to believe he is a better player than me because he can read the game very well, which gives him the opportunity to control the tempo of the game but he is not aggressive like me. I think that is the only difference between us, but generally, I can say he is far better than me. What makes Kelechi special is that he’s never carried away and he knows how to deal with pressure.

I remember Kelechi was to even make the World Cup team but for his injury, how did he feel the day he was dropped?

Actually, I cried when I got into the room because I knew he had given so much but he stood up and said that was the way God wanted it and I have to carry the hope of the family and do my best at the World Cup if I eventually made the team. He said it was just not his time to play for the national team but the good thing is that he’s still a very young player and I know Nigerians will see him soon. I had no option than to stop crying with the way he spoke to me.

How happy was he when you signed for Manchester City?

He was very, very happy. He called me later and told me that the days of trouble are gone but I should remain focussed.

Who was the first person you called the day you signed for Manchester City?

Oh! I didn’t even call anybody because I tried to control and comport myself so that I won’t be carried away with the things happening around me. I never wanted to be carried away with the fact that I have signed for Manchester City, which, of course, is a dream of any young player. I wanted to concentrate on the occasion because there is so much yet to be done. I still have so many things ahead of me, it’s my wish to also play in the Under-20 national team too and put my career on course at Manchester City. These were the things going through my mind that day that I didn’t even remember to call anybody immediately when I signed a pre-formal contract.

If not Manchester City, which club would you have signed for?

Maybe AS Roma or Galatasaray because I really love the two clubs too but God said it is Manchester City for me and I thank him so much for this great opportunity.

What makes you happy?

Me? It’s football. When I watch the television and see great footballers doing their thing, it makes me happy. Players like Andrea Pirlo of Italy; players like Yaya Toure; Players like Raul Gonzalez; Players like Nwankwo Kanu and so many others, they make me happy and I often shed tears praying one day, I can be like them. The little I have seen of these players on television, especially documentary about them, gave me the confidence that I can be a great player too.

I recall you even played so well when the Golden Eaglets met face-to-face with Raul Gonzalez against Al Sadd in Doha, how did you guys approach the game and beat them 1-0?

It was a dream for all of us to play against Raul on that day, but we told ourselves before the match that the worst result we could get was a draw. We said in one voice that Raul was going to bear his name and Chidiebere was going to bear his own. We were confident about our own ability too. They played us as if we were a very top team but we gave our best and with the grace of God, we beat them due to the kind of information we got from our coaches before the game.

I know you are close to Papillo…how much of inspiration do you draw from Kanu?

Yes, that is true. I’m very close to Kanu and he is always advising me. He always advises me like any young player he meets, but the fact that you must have the ability to retain those things he’s telling you in order to become a very big player.

Chidiebere Nwakali is now a star in the making, how do you deal with the opposite sex now?

I have been told repeatedly that any young player that starts following girls would not end well and I don’t want to fall along the way because where I’m going is still very far. Now, the focus is on my game because nobody would remember me on how many girls I went out with. So, my focus is how I can take my game to the next level.

Are you saying you don’t have a girlfriend?

I won’t lie about that. I have a girl friend who has long been my admirer because we grew up in the same neighbourhood, but it is just about that because we are still very young and everybody is now focussing on their career. Really, I don’t know what to say about her but she is a very good person.

Tell me one secret about yourself

Secret? I don’t have or keep secrets because I don’t do things that people should not know about. I don’t have anything I have not told anybody before.

Why don’t you keep secrets?

Why should I keep secrets? I don’t do anything that is hidden because secrets are what you don’t what others to know about, which, of course, are irrelevant things that people should not hear or know about.

Apart from soccer, what other sport do you like?

I like wrestling because of the fun and entertainment that go along with it. I equally like swimming because it helps in relaxing the muscles. As a player, you would last long in the game if you are also a good swimmer. I like video games too.

Nigerians are now talking about a new generation of players after you guys won the FIFA under-17 World Cup, how ready are you for the next stage, which is the Under-20?

I think it’s good that we are going to be coached by the same coaches that taught us to win the World Cup. Of course, it is another stage but I don’t think anyone of us in the World Cup-winning team is guaranteed a shirt because Nigeria is blessed with good players and what we had was opportunity.

How strong are you mentally to deal with life as a professional footballer, especially playing in a big club like Manchester City as well as dealing with press and your friends?

I think with the help of God and good people around me, I will be able to cope. Thank God, with the kind of coaches we had at the Under-17, we have been told repeatedly how to deal with pressure associated with the game. There are elderly people around me too and I’m ready to listen to them because they are much more experienced than me.

Finally, what is going through your mind as we round off this interview?

Nothing, except my future, especially how I’m going to cope with the demands of the game at Manchester City. I have set a high standard for myself and I know with the help of God, I can become whatever I want to be.

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Real Sociedad whip Barcelona, Madrid go top

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Real Madrid moved three points clear at the top of La Liga as Barcelona suffered their second league defeat in four games with a 3-1 reverse away to Real Sociedad on Saturday.

Earlier, Madrid had comfortably seen off Elche 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu thanks in part to a spectacular long-range strike from Gareth Bale.

Barcelona had come into the game on a high after beating Manchester City in their much-anticipated Champions League tie on Tuesday, but went behind when Alex Song turned Sergio Canales’ cross into his own net.

Lionel Messi restored parity almost instantly with a clinical left-footed finish.

However, two goals in the opening 15 minutes of the second-half from Antoine Griezmann and David Zurutuza handed Sociedad a deserved victory.

“We didn’t feel comfortable and we didn’t have possession, which is our strength. That allowed then to create chances,” Barca defender Gerard Pique told Spanish TV station Canal Plus.

“Now we have a week to rest and reflect on why things did’t go well. It is not worrying, we just have to continue onto the next game.”

Barca boss Gerardo Martino had made six changes from the side that started in Manchester as Neymar made his first start in a month.

After a slow start from the visitors, Pedro came close to opening the scoring when he sliced Andres Iniesta’s pass just wide.

It was Sociedad who struck first, though, as Song bundled the ball into his own net under pressure from Gorka Elustondo.

The lead lasted only three minutes as Messi fired home his seventh goal in his last five games with an unerring finish from the edge of the area.

Barca were dealt a blow at half-time when coach Gerardo Martino was sent to the stands for the second half after taking his protests towards the officials too far as they headed down the tunnel.

Contrasting mood- Real Sociedad players rejoice, while Mike Bartra, Barca's defender frustrated. AFP

Contrasting mood- Real Sociedad players rejoice, while Mike Bartra, Barca’s defender frustrated. AFP

And the Catalans’ defence also seemed to completely lose their composure at the start of the second-half as Sociedad opened them up at will.

Vela raced onto a long ball in behind the Barca defence to square for Griezmann to register his 15th league goal of the season on 54 minutes.

Five minutes later it was 3-1 as this time Zurutuza burst through a pedestrian defensive line to turn home Griezmann’s cross from the right.

Cesc Fabregas replaced the struggling Song and Alexis Sanchez was also introduced as Barca went in search of a way back into the game.

Victory moves Sociedad to within a point of Athletic Bilbao in the fourth Champions League place, while Barca could end the weekend in third should Atletico Madrid avoid defeat away to Osasuna on Sunday.

There were no such worries for Real Madrid as goals from Asier Illarramendi and Isco either side of Bale’s stunner handed them a 15th win in 16 games in all competitions.

Madrid were once again without the suspended Cristiano Ronaldo as he completed a three-game ban after having a final appeal rejected on Saturday morning.

However, after an unconvincing start, Illarramendi’s deflected effort gave the hosts a half-time lead.

Bale then made the game safe 19 minutes from time when he collected possession midway inside the Elche half and blasted the ball in off the underside of the bar.

And Isco rounded off a 15th win in 16 games in all competitions for Real when he slammed home the third from Karim Benzema’s pass nine minutes later.

Bale had been enduring a difficult day before he found the back of the net as he consistently lost possession and even drew the ire of the Bernabeu crowd on a couple of occasions.

Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti, however, hailed his transformation in the final 20 minutes as his confidence soared after the goal.

“He was a different player before and after the goal,” said Ancelotti.

“Before he was playing without confidence and then everything changed. Obviously, given the type of player he is, the goal helped him a lot.

“It is difficult to play against a well-organised team and it is difficult to find space. Before the goal he did ok, but after he was brilliant.”


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Somaliland: Ahmed Silanyo, President of the People, by the People and for the People

President Silanyo poses with members of the Gaboye community after a meeting at the Hargeisa presidency/filePresident Silanyo poses with members of the Gaboye community after a meeting at the Hargeisa presidency/file

By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr

Somalilandsun – The choice of the electorate is sometimes a crucial cause for many aspects. It defines the future and destiny of the country, as it determines the parameters of success and failure of its citizens. After nearly 8 years of confusion, corruption, mismanagement, and intentional obstruction of the rule of law

and the national constitution, on June 26 2010, the Somaliland electorate have decided and determined on their country’s future.

At a time when the need for change was highly inevitable, HE Mr. Ahmed M. Mohamud (Silaanyo) became the second President of Somaliland Republic, freely and fairly elected by the people of Somaliland. He was elected at a time when Somaliland was heading into the wrong direction and seemed the people of Somaliland were leaving behind a period full of hope and expectations and entering an environment of fear and uncertainty.

President Silanyo is warmly received by Odweine residentsPresident Silanyo is warmly received by Odweine residents

The winning of the presidential elections by President Ahmed Silaanyo and his Party (Kulmiye) was therefore a win for democratic values, nation spirit and solidarity. It was a win for strength of character, ability to take moral responsibility, resilience and re-emergence of hope. In fact, it was a great win for all peace & development loving Somalilanders. The people of Somaliland had given the President a full mandate, the political capital and legislative means to serve the nation and the national interest in the first place, to do things better and to act and operate according to the rule of law and country’s constitution.

The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo has inherited one of the most unfavourable socio-economical and political situations in our country. The scale of the mistakes and negligence of the former government was all too apparent. The former administration left behind a bankrupt country and a nation in limbo. The economy and public sector was about to fall apart, no government department was functioning as it should’ve been. The public morale was very low and the confidence in government was at its lowest point ever.

When President Ahmed Silaanyo came to power, from day one he understood clearly unless he makes the necessary changes in the many areas where the Somaliland’s citizens were dissatisfied, it would be very difficult to regain the public confidence. One of the key priorities of the newly elected President was to win back the people’s confidence, trust and belief in the political system, in government as well as in the democratic system and social justice. He put together a Cabinet of all talents and exceptional abilities with strategic visions and a clear policy agenda. He came up with new policy initiatives, a new government with new priorities based upon an effective, responsive and transparent Cabinet.

He started to combat and reverse the corruption and mismanagement that set in during former administration. He introduced many innovative ways of getting involving the mainstream of the society into development, politics and achieving of social objectives. The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo has come with a collective and effective strategy based on unyielding vision and mission, inspiration and ambition, justice and decisiveness, teamwork and transparency, honesty and sense of social responsibility, focusing mainly on general public interest rather than specific kith and kin or special inner circle groups. Driven by a sense of patriotism and following the courage of his convictions, President Ahmed Silaanyo leads the country into the right direction. In a relatively very short time, the President has translated his electoral promises into concrete and visible results.


President Ahmed Silaanyo has both the motive and opportunity to look back with satisfaction into the performance and the results realized by his government during the past 3½ years. Somaliland citizens should understand the unfavourable circumstance in which this government started when they took the office, where they have come from and where they are now. We need also to see and recognize the undeniable progress in different fields and the substantial achievement this government has made so far.

The President of Republic of Somaliland is a leader with a Mission and Mandate who gave a clear voice to a nation that the outside world has little heard of their voices. He is the President of the People, by the People and for the People.

As the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland, we should be very proud of the good name and reputation of our country as the Beacon of Peace, Stability, Democracy and Development in the Horn of African Region. We need to strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring the citizens together, putting emphasis on our shared values, history and common destiny that enables us to Eng Hussein DeyrEng Hussein Deyrpull together as a nation. We must also prevent and combat everything that divides and breaks up our nation. We should be aware of the fact that our country’s future is as bright as we make it. This is the fundamental reason why we ought to fight for what we believe in!

May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!

By: |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr|Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland|

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Jonathan receives Udenwa, Anyanwu, others into PDP

President Goodluck Jonathan, Vice President Namadi Sambo, National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, Chairman, PDP’s Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih, and other leaders of the party yesterday in Owerri, Imo State received former governor of the state, Chief Achike Udenwa, former Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, and the Senator representing Imo East, Chris Anyanwu and Mike Ahamba (SAN) back into the PDP.

Other leaders of the party who attended the rally tagged unity rally at the Dan Anyiam Stadium, were Senate President, David Mark, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Speaker House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, Bethel Amadi, President Pan African Parliament, Minister of Labour and Productivity, Emeka Wogu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Viola Onwuliri among others.

Also in attendance were Governors Seriake Dickson (Akwa Ibom), Martins Elechi (Ebonyi), Theodore Orji (Abia), and Liyel Imoke (Cross River).

President Jonathan said at the rally that the PDP under the current leadership is undergoing a reunion to bring back all aggrieved members that had stepped out of the party.

This, according to him, will strengthen the PDP.

According to him, the PDP has continued to play a critical role in the nation’s democracy, adding that, “whenever anything is wrong in the PDP it does not affect only Nigeria, but the whole of African countries. PDP is the only party that is stable in the country; it is the only party that those that want to play decent politics should follow.”

Also speaking, Mu’azu urged the returnees to win the state back for the party in 2015.

“We lost Imo State because of internal wrangling which made our founding members in the state to stray away but today we are back and the journey to reclaim Imo has just begun,” he said.

Anenih in his speech urged the PDP members in the state to play politics of inclusion, saying: “whatever happened in the past in Imo State is now history.”

Speaking on behalf of the defectors, Ahamba, said that they “have returned to our ranks as members of the PDP. And we are going to work together to regain what we have lost.”

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