‘25% of Facebook users lie’

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May 8th, 2012

Think of four of your Facebook friends. Got them? Well, one of those four friends has probably told a fib in their profile.

An investigation by the Consumer Reports publication, which reviewed 2 000 American households and focused on how individuals use Facebook to share information and what happens to that information once its been shared, found that more and more users are deliberately lying on their profile.

The report – released this week – found that 25 percent of the users had qualms about privacy and thus lied to protect their identity – a 10 percent jump from a similar study two years ago.

Consumer Reports said the increase in lying on Facebook was because of a growing privacy concerns with the social network.

These fears are not necessarily unfounded – and the report highlighting a number of findings on the issue: .

These include:

1. Every time you visit a site with a Facebook “Like” button, the social networking site gets a report. This applies even if you’ve never click the “thumbs-up” button, even if you not logged on and even if you not a Facebook user.

2. Nearly 13 million users said they didn’t know about their privacy settings or have never set them, at all.

The report also gave some tips on how to counteract the privacy problem.

1. Set your wall posts to “just friends” – thus limiting your audience.

2.  Disable the “tag suggest” function so Facebook doesn’t automatically recognise your face in photos.

3. Every so often double-check how your page looks through the eyes of others and make the necessary changes if needs be.

To read the full report go here

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