3 Killed in Nigeria bomb Explosion

People gather at the site of a bomb explosion at a road in Kaduna, Nigeria on Sunday, April 8, 2012. An explosion Kaduna in central Nigeria that has seen hundreds killed in religious and ethnic violence in recent years, causing unknown injuries as diplomats had warned of possible terrorist attacks over the Easter holiday, police said.

An explosion shook an area around an outdoor bar in the city of Jalingo in eastern Nigeria, police said Friday, with local media reporting up to three people killed.

“There was an explosion at a beer garden in the Dorawa area of the city,” said police spokesman Amos Olaoye, without providing further details.

Jalingo is the capital of Taraba state, which has been occasionally hit by violence blamed on Boko Haram. Bars have sometimes been targeted by the Islamist extremists, though crime and local disputes have also led to such incidents.

Taraba’s state parliament on Thursday impeached the deputy governor over allegations of corruption, local media reported.

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