5 Gadgets That Are All Hype And Overpriced

By IAfrica
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Aug 30th, 2014

Here are some of the worst price gadgets everyone seems to want or have. You can’t win with these guys so it’s best to just keep your money and buy more reasonable alternatives. Checkout our list of 5 Gadgets That Are All Hype And Overpriced;

1. Beats by Dre

The entire line is complete crap, especially for their ridiculous prices. Did you know that Beats Pro/detox that you saved over 500 dollars to get cost only 3 dollars to make and is still a crap quality headphone? Just giving you the facts people. Yo are buying a lifestyle when you should be buying quality.

2. Samsung Phones

I do not have to reiterate how annoying these are. I mean, they are Android smart phones made entirely of plastic with a weak ass Gorilla glass thing attached to the front. Drop ones and it breaks. And you are expected to shell out over a hundred thousand naira to buy these phones most of the time if you want a flagship something. Can’t be life.

3. Apple Mac Books

Do me a favor, when you are done with this post, kindly take a stroll over to Jumia and check out Mac Book prices… The go all the way up to about a million naira. For a laptop, that needs to charge with electricity and you still have to pay for internet. No Bueno Amigo!!!! The price just doesn’t add up to what we are buying. Sorry!

4. Samsung TVs

The other day mans is strolling through the mall and I see this curved LED TV by Samsung for 30 million naira… No mistakes guys, I call the attendant and asked if there was some kind of error and she did well to hold back her laughter in mockery of my obvious confusion… Then you start to look around and you begin to notice the prices on these things. Samsung needs to be stopped!

5. Smart Watches

The new rave of the moment, everyone wants a Moto 360 or a pebble that will set you back 700-800 dollars, Money that can buy land. And all the watch will do is notify you when your phone is ringing and tell you time and weather. Alright guys, I understand the foolishness. Well done! OBO!



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