A fornicating Zimbabwe PM is a far better Devil

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Sep 25th, 2012
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Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai attends a Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe”s 70th annual general meeting in Harare, May 29, 2009.

By Kizito Chaka

Even if Morgan Tsvangirai impregnates another 40 women within the next few days, and even after this whole Locardia-Elizabeth-Shulubane dancehall, the PM will remain a far greater challenger to Robert Mugabe. No matter what, Mugabe will not stand against a ‘demonic and evil’ Tsvangirai, that is if there is one. This is because the millions on the ground are hungry for change and they do not care who brings it down to planet earth, and at present only MDC-T is preaching and living change.

This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

ZANU PF’s fate is already sealed by the excitement in which they glory thinking that Tsvangirai has lost all voter support all because of petty private challenges. What they fail to realise is that the voters will forever be stubborn demanding a new face, a new life, and a new leader. They do not care which party that leader comes from and would not care if that leader were to come from the monstrous ZANU PF party.

After the current constitutional process, elections will illustrate this undeniable truth as the polls slide ZANU PF behind the pages of history.

Symbolically the ZANU PF party is now operating like a ship with cracks in its body. Those responsible for repairing the holes have never been inside the ship. They have found an opportunity to look through the window and see others sitting on comfortable chairs, drinking wine, and enjoying entertainment.

When the security service men decided to join those in the boat, no one thought of reminding them to go outside to check the condition of the ship. Now that they are also busy inside and they will not want to go outside to check either.

The party has stopped operating as a political party should long ago, because it realized that it does not have support from Zimbabweans.

What remains is a bunch of selfish cowards who hold positions and duties that they no longer carry out; they have resorted to working on personal agendas and this has led to development of factions or camps. There are currently three factions around – that of Emmerson Mnangagwa, Joice Mujuru and then that of Robert Mugabe himself. The latter are tired individuals who live in 1975, and the other two are progressive formations who are yet rootless because they exist merely to kill one another.

A wing or a faction was meant to defend the country but when they jumped into the ship of politics, the security service men found themselves swimming in diamonds, and all they think of now is to defend their loot instead of the people. Whilst in this ship they organized themselves into a gang called the Joint Operations Command (JOC), which became so powerful that the job of repairing the boat has become too menial. Apart from a few weaker ones who are told quickly to shut up before they even say a word, this powerful body cannot see that the boat is sinking.

It is indisputable that Mugabe is old and that age-related problems are kicking in. He has no successor in his party at this point. It is beyond doubt that he cannot afford to stand on the podium for more than an hour and connect to another three or four campaign rallies as he used to do. In as much as they love him to stay, he is a human being, and his age plus health will not permit. He may try to maximize use of television but those with televisions are no longer watching ZBC news. In elections, such as the forthcoming one  ZANU PF will not win at the ballot box.

Elections are being engineered now in another way. In the previous elections ZANU PF maximized the  use of war veterans and young people who were promised farms. Most of these young people and war veterans did not get the farms that they were promised and were not happy about it. They were used as bulldozers Those who got the farms at the expense of war veterans and youths are constantly asked to donate whatever and whennever ZANU PF has a need; failure has the consequences of losing the farm and other unspecified threats, resulting in unhappiness and disappointment. People in rural areas are being frog-marched to attend ZANU PF rallies, and villagers are increasingly not happy about it.They are also not happy about their declining economic situation, but ZANU PF generals are no longer concerned about the developments in the Zimbabwean economy. Their businesses are based on smuggling resources abroad and their money is banked abroad.

But people like Mugabe who invested in farming to such an extent that he became one of the biggest milk suppliers in Zimbabwe and other farmers who have immensely invested in agriculture, want stability in the economy, as this feeds into stability in their businesses and the political arena.

It is a shame that now when Mugabe looks at Gushungo Holdings, his heart bleeds. There are many more like him in ZANU PF.

On Defense Force’s Day, Mugabe was seen pleading for peace and an end to violence; but he knows that it is not possible to stop the violence as long as his party exists, because he engineered it to survive by violence and vote rigging; without this, surely it will perish.
He created a monster that is now haunting him.

Some people wonder who is in control of the ZANU PF. It is the camps or factions now. One linked to the president, but also called the Mujuru faction because they expect the Vice-President to take over. The other one is linked to the generals, the Mnangagwa faction/camp.

It is beyond doubt that at the moment, Mugabe favors the Mujuru faction and that the Chinese immensely support the Mnangagwa faction, whose de-facto spokesperson is Jonathan Moyo.

The Mujuru function operates under the wings of the president. Some call them the moderate ones. Their spokesperson is George Charamba. The two camps are always pushing and shoving each other in the political field.

What Jonathan Moyo says and writes in his articles is the line of the generals and Mnangagwa camp. Mostly they go against things agreed by those aligned to the Mujuru faction and the president; mere showdown tracing back from his dismissal from the position taken over by Charamba – bitterness and revenge in action if you like.

The ZANU PF is a monster engineered by Mugabe with all elements that developed over time and that are now at a stage of irreversible self-destruction, and the Chinese are the best catalyst brought into the equation.

The MDC must start preparing intelligence about how to take over the leadership of Zimbabwe.

KIZITO CHAKA is a Political and Social Science Scholar at Wolverhampton University; a Human Rights Activist who writes on his own capacity.

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