Successive leaders of Israel have been running out of workable ideas and sustainable policy objectives for more than half a century since the forceful creation in 1948 of their would-be the only Jewish State of Israel in the middle of Arab states that were frozen in time and space. The Zionist idea propelling its foundation was to secure a “Jewish homeland” in the so-called “Promised Land’ or “Holy Land” that may further encompass territories of now existing Arab states. Insane irredentism aside, logically one would understand the need for a homeland and the legitimate right for survival and self-defense after having badly suffered under European anti-Semitic hatred and persecution against the Diaspora, but what I find unfathomable is the Israeli permanent choice of war that will eventually lead to self-destruction and, therefore, self-defeat. For decades, the only state policy that makes sense to the Israeli political and military establishment is the motto “do not run out of ammunitions and an Arab target”. Is that a thought-through or intelligent strategy for a minority tribe in the region to survive for centuries to come? Really? What has happened to politics as the art of possibilities?

On the one hand, despite the opinions of many, including the enormously arrogant and disrespectful Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the contrary, Israel is a small satellite country that faithfully and reliably served the strategic interests of the United States in the Middle East at certain times since its establishment- a US “strategic asset” as Henry Kissinger once termed it on US-Israeli close relations. That trend of thinking belonged to the era of the Cold War, where Western powers saw Israeli as an ally against the spread of communism in the Middle East. It is no longer valid in a post Cold War world. Arab resources and cooperation are more important today to the United States than the State of Israel. The US has still to re-visit and re-assess its policy of blindly propping up Israel after the end of the Cold War, clearly showing US foreign policy weakness in the region and their inability to chart out honest arbitration strategy and roadmap for peace for all inhabitants of the area.

For the Israelis, the irony here is that for decades Israeli leaders could not figure out and learn how to free themselves from the doomed and destructive situation of being permanently used and dictated to by US in exchange for expensive military weaponry and dangerous technology including nuclear arsenal to kill massively if threatened.

One is also tempted to ask the legitimate question: If Israel could not hang on forever to its current abysmal conditions of constant security threat coming from human suicide bombs and centuries-old Arab hatred of their Jewish cousins without the US lopsided support, why is the US not confronting and challenging the self-interest of its military-industrial complex to bring about lasting peace in the region? Obviously, that would play out counter to the bottom-line of the industry and the USA economy as whole. For that imperialistic and greedy industry to survive, a world of no global tensions, no hostilities between and within nations, no wars, means no profits, and therefore, no business. This is good for all arms manufacturing countries to sell their lethal stuff as an indirect way for world population growth control as well. Poverty and lack of opportunities in many developing countries together with artificially shortened lifespan of citizens, makes it difficult to feed the explosive population of our planet. This inhumane global strategy of the “First World” sounds quite plausible to US policy-makers and their allies to justify the means in continuing support for the failed policies of the Zionist leaders.

On the other hand, despite their rich history of civilization and ancient wisdom, the Arabs have been nursing frozen minds far too long and losing common sense and practical thinking to accept their blunt world reality that their Jewish brothers have been with them since time immemorial and there is no way they are going away and certainly nowhere else for them to go. Instead, the Arabs chose in their millions to whine forever about their never ending suffering and injustices while blaming others for their misfortune. They never seem to contemplate the benefits of peaceful co-existence of all peoples in the Middle East and their demographic advantages given a negotiated settlement of the historical disputes. This reminds us of the profound statement by the French Writer and Philosopher, François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire), who was quoted as saying once, “common sense is not so common”.

One would agree that Somalia with all its extremely bad news and world record-breaking problems of a failed mini-state in Africa is more understandable and less cumbersome to fix than the so-called the “intractable” conflagrations and man-made calamities in the Middle East.

So, once again and business as usual, you read about alarming news stories of the day of improvised Hamas rockets falling on Israeli and occupied and heavily densely populated urban cities, and Israeli war machines in action with devastating results of innocent lives lost and indiscriminate destruction of public institutions and private properties with no endgame to resolve the underlying problem. You always hear the repeat of the old cliché statements by some world leaders supporting it that Israel has legitimate rights for self-defense, while others passively suffice to say that Israel used disproportionate force. And that is it, until the next round of aimless flare-ups. That is not only morally wrong, but it is also stupid and unsustainable. It is quite irrational for the peoples of the region to continue that kind of existence. They have to think better to salvage themselves from the self-inflicted paralysis of the political will and Middle East inferno syndrome.
Gaza under Israeli bmbardment
Gaza city under Israeli bombardment

As the new round of hostilities between Hamas and Israel flared up recently, I surprisingly came across a rare sort of opinion in US news media in a new article under the title, Why Israel’s Gaza Campaign Is Doomed posted in by a Janine Zacharia, Friday, Nov 16, 2012 The author convincingly argues that the Israeli war strategy on Gaza could lead her to more isolation and insecurity. I couldn’t put that essence of the matter any better. We already witnessed the outcome of that conflagration, prompting the world community to grant statehood to the Palestinians. One can understand that the initial phase of the creation of the State of Israel required self-defense to withstand the Arab onslaught and survive, but to continue the same tactics and strategy still after two-third of a half century of its existence with Israel more insecure than ever before under the current Middle East political turmoil clearly proves strategic policy failure and a drain on US tax-payers’ money. The overwhelming vote of the UN General Assembly to recognize a Palestinian state in an occupied land is also a world community’s recognition of abysmal failure of USA-Israeli policies.

One of the ironies of today’s international diplomacy is the fact that the United States of America while publicly siding with Israeli, defying all tenets of fair arbitration, is engaged in mediating the two parties to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. This double standard continues to encourage Zionist leadership to defy world opinion and almost all UN resolutions on the conflict. This leaves no other viable alternative option for the Palestinians other than to seek a UN General Assembly’s recognition of their territories as a symbolic observer member state of the world community, successfully securing moral victory over intransigent Israeli resistance to the principle of the two-state solution and another round of a humiliating failure for US diplomacy in the Middle East.In a tit-for tat maneuver, Israel retaliated against the recent Palestinian status upgrading resolution of the UN General-Assembly in the same fashion it traditionally retaliates the Hamas’ rocket attacks by announcing building more illegal Jewish settlements in most sensitive areas within West Bank, cutting and sealing off communities in order to derail the very idea of establishing the two-states living side by side in peace that was agreed upon. The action is clearly a setback that makes further negotiations between the two parties difficult, if not impossible, with all the legal ramifications of now an occupied state with the rights to seek the persecution of Israeli war perpetrators in Palestine and a further internationalization of the conflict.The Jews are still seeking a Jewish State that still couldn’t be.

Ismail Haji Warsame

The Author is the former Puntland Presidency Chief of Staff and a long-time participant of most of the Somali National Reconciliation Processes since 1995. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada, and can be reached at: E-Mail: