Abbala herders attack Beni Hussein farmers in North Darfur

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Aug 27th, 2014

Abbala tribesmen attacked Beni Hussein farmers in the area of Hijeir Tigeiteeg in El Sareif Beni Hussein locality, North Darfur, amid fears of renewed clashes again between the two tribes. The situation

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, an activist reported that “five farmers were slaughtered, four shot dead, and one sustained injuries in an attack by Abbala militants in the area of Hijeir Tigeiteeg, located between El Sareif town and Jebel ‘Amer”.

“After the attack in Hijeir Tigeiteeg, the Abbala ambushed farmers in the areas of El Hiran, Hijeir Ennus, and Um Madsees in the locality. In the ensuing gunfights, the farmers managed to repel the attackers.”

El Sareif ‘unliveable’

The activist, and other residents of El Sareif, complained to Radio Dabanga about the soaring prices of consumer goods and medicines, and lacking education and health services in the locality.

“For months now, the people in the locality are suffering from the consequences of the roads closures between El Sareif town, Saraf Umra, and Kabkabiya, owing to the rampant insecurity in the region. Basic commodities have become scarce, and the prices are skyrocketing.”

“A kilo of meat in El Sareif now costs SDG40 ($7), a bottle of cooking oil SDG50 ($8.70), and a piece of soap SDG5 ($0.90)”, a resident of the town explained.

The sources also said that the health and education services in the locality deteriorated. “El Sareif hospital ran out of medicines, while the medicine prices at the commercial pharmacies have sharply risen. As for education, the schools were closed because most of the classes were damaged by the heavy rains and floods two weeks ago,” the activist said. “El Sareif Beni Hussein has become almost unliveable.”

File photo: The single ward of El Sareif Hospital (Radio Dabanga)


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