Abbay Woldu, positioning himself for possible war crimes prosecution in the near future…

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Jul 16th, 2012

                                                                               By Getahune Bekele

On Thursday 12 July 2012,the city of Nazareth, 90 KMS east of Addis Ababa came to a standstill when Tigraye republic president Abbay Woldu(pictured) arrived to attend a sod turning ceremony as part of Tigraye martyrs day celebrations organized by an estimated 11,000 ethnic Tigres living in oromiya’s business capital.

The city greeted the feared warlord and his more than 200 convoy of cars including several military and police vehicles with glacial stare.

Later in the day, irritated by the closure of all roads leading up to the city centre and the city’s land mark St Mary orthodox church, the local youth and taxi drivers pelted the Agazi mobile death squad members with stones and bottles.

As it is the norm with the extremely rigid and dangerously too parochial warlord Abbay Woldu, again, only ethnic Tigres and their cars were allowed to pass through checkpoints.

The Horn Times journalists who followed the abrasive warlord to Nazareth reported that the gnomes then responded with live fire while the local police members, excluded from the event, were seen taking cover and later fleeing the city center in different directions.

A 17 years old boy from an area known as  Bulga Sefer was killed after being hit on the chest by bullets.

As the news of the death of one protester filtered throughout the city and more protesters began to arrive, sensing more bloodshed and even capture, the usually imperturbable Woldu cut his speech short and left the area at a lightning speed.

The marquee, decorated with the flags of the Tigraye republic and with the images of her so-called martyrs was then destroyed within minutes before the arrival of municipal workers.

“This is your last gathering in our city, you idiots,” shouted a young woman who could not open her hair salon business until midday due to the closure.

“All of them must pack and go to Tigraye, we don’t want them here. Go and commemorate your traitor martyrs in your own back yard “a hawker who sells frankincense, candles and lucky sticks near the St Mary cathedral told the Horn Times reporters, pointing towards a fast moving military van.

Meanwhile, TPLF stalwart Eleni G.Medhins’ attempt to bring together the implacable warlords at a scrumptious luncheon organized for Thursday afternoon at Zenawi’s palace badly backfired and left the woman embarrassed when Abbay Woldu refused to attend.

Well-placed sources within the TPLF told the Horn Times that Eleni persuaded acting PMs, the twin warlords Tedros Adhanom and Birhane Gebrechristos to put their differences aside for the ailing Zenawis’ sake and meet Woldu. However, she only hit a glass ceiling.

“It seems he(Woldu)wants to be seen as political maverick, but he do not have the brain to score points through political legerdemain. He is using maudlin tactics to get his message across. I mean look at what happened in Nazareth on Thursday morning, the violence could have spiraled out of control. The young boy was killed because of Woldus’ licentious practice of naked, ethnocentric warlordism practiced by his boss Meles Zenawi for 21 years,” explained a political analyst.

“The dyed-in-the-wool glutton is positioning himself for possible war crimes prosecution alongside his god Meles Zenawi by committing glaring and irreversible errors outside his republic,” added the analyst who cannot be named for security reasons.

Abbay Woldu returned to Tigraye on Saturday, 14 July 2012.

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