African Union Chairperson’s statement on the inauguration of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA)

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Feb 8th, 2012

EL FASHER (DARFUR), Sudan, February 8, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Today’s event of the inauguration of the DRA is yet another important milestone of the Darfur peace process, which the AU initiated since 2004, and which it has supported till today. The presence of regional leaders and members of the international community at this occasion is testimony of the importance that is attached to promoting peace, stability, justice and development in this region. The AU is indeed encouraged by this demonstration of interest in the fate of Darfur and its people.

For the people to fully benefit from the dividend of peace, the DRA, as the main instrument for the implementation of the DDPD must be able to carry out its responsibilities and duties. The onus, for this primarily reposes on the signatory parties whom I enjoin to continue to demonstrate commitment and responsibility in the implementation of the Agreement.

We must remind ourselves that there is still a lot of work to be done to capitalize on the gains of the DDPD so that Darfur can return to a situation of peace and stability that it has enjoyed before 2003. The African Union has always stressed the importance of stability in Darfur and Sudan in general, and warned of the negative and serious implications that the continuation of the conflict would have on the region and the continent as a whole.

The African Union will not spare any efforts in supporting the people of Darfur and Sudan as they seek stability and development for the region and the country. In this regard, I urge all other movements that are still outside of the peace process to join it so that together we shall vigorously pursue comprehensive peace in a more rigorous and inclusive manner.


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