African witch sells herbs to undercover cop in Dubai

CAIRO: Dubai police arrested an African witch who tried to sell medical herbs to an undercover policemen, newspapers said on Thursday.

The woman, who had eluded a previous court jail and deportation sentence, had already extorted large sums of money from many persons after misleading them into believing she could heal their illness by a simple herbs formula.

Quoted by the Arabic language daily Emirate Al Aoum, the arresting officer said the drugs provided by the African woman to the police undercover for Dh14,000 included only a small amount of herbs and incense that are sold at groceries for pocket change.

“Our raiding ream found a large quantity of incense, talismans and other items used in witchcraft … the woman confessed that she has been involved in such work for nearly 28 years inside and outside the UAE … she had even made some victims believe that she can heal incurable illnesses and end marital problems.”

The woman was sentenced in 2008 to two months in prison and ordered deported but succeeded in eluding the deportation order.


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