AIUWA/CMIT campus commissioned

By IAfrica
In Gambia
May 14th, 2014

The minister of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology Tuesday commissioned the newly built American International University West Africa College of Management Information and Technology (AIUWA/CMIT) campus, located at Brusubi. 


AIUWA/CMIT is a unique place of learning that combines pursuit of academic knowledge with professional development. The college provides courses that combine mandatory academic and professional courses at all levels, enabling students to graduate with both academic degrees and professional qualifications. It is also structured to be a centre for management and information technology, research and development in Africa. 

Addressing the congregation, Dr Abubacarr Senghore stated that in the past few decades, there has been revolution in computing and communication. In all indications, he said, technology progresses because of the rapid pace of development.  “Accompanying and supporting this dramatic increase in the power of the use of information technology, has seen the decline of costs in communication, as a result of both technological improvements and increase in competition,” he stated. 

These advances, he said, present many significant opportunities that pose  immediate challenges. According to Dr. Senghore, innovations in information technology are  widely used across numerous domains of society, that policy makers require, to act quickly on issues involving economic productivity and intellectual rights and privacy protection.

The minister of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology spoke on the need for internal and domestic security mechanisms against cybercrime and affordability of access to information. Dr. Senghore then noted that attention must be given to its socio-economic impact.

The Minister briefly dilated on the foundation of the institution which was established in 2011, with a handful of students that have now grown to 350 students. He went on to say that with the new facility, The Gambia is on track to become a hub for African countries where quality education is provided.

Dr Dinesh Shukla, the president of AIUWA/CMIT described the inauguration of the University as a humble beginning. He thus thanked His Excellency the President Jammeh for his wisdom, guidance and support towards the establishment of the institution.

While challenging the students to be hard working to attain greater heights, he disclosed that 77 percent of their students are international students, while only 23 percent are Gambians. 

The president of AIUWA/CMIT added that the University has already pledged to the government of The Gambia that 10 percent of the students population from The Gambia will be educated free of charge.

The chairman of AIUWA/CMIT Sikiru Rufai, for his part, said the University is starting a unique project which has never been done elsewhere as it will combine academic qualification with professional certification. He informed the gathering that every student will graduate not only with a bachelor’s degree, but with a professional certificate.

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