Somali military court has sentenced two Al Shabaab militant group members for killing TV journalist last year.

The militants have confessed to killing journalist Mohamed Mohamud Timacade, a reporter with London-based Somali-language Universal TV, in October 2013.

“Both men freely confessed to the killings, therefore, after the due process of the law, the military court sentenced them to death,” Minister of Information Mustafa Duhulow told reporters.

Timacade was shot several times in the neck, chest and shoulder when the attackers sprayed his car with bullets. The gunmen also killed a security guard.

Somalia is one of most dangerous countries for journalists to operate.

Attacks on journalists are often blamed on Islamist Al Shabaab fighters battling the western backed government, but some are also believed to be linked to a settling of scores within the multiple factions in power including the government.