Allying with Assad to Stop ISIS is 7 Different Kinds of Stupid

By IAfrica
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Aug 27th, 2014

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad meets Senator John Kerry in Damascus

The latest genius to come up with this particular plan is Pat Buchanan. It’s not unique, but it’s a refreshing change from all the proposals that we ally with Iran to stop ISIS. Alternative proposals that we ally with Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy to stop ISIS are on the table.

Here’s why it’s stupid


1. Assad is getting his ass kicked by ISIS and most of the other rebel groups. In other words what is the point of this alliance exactly? We’re already allied with an Iranian client in Baghdad that’s incapable of fighting its own battles and is costing us a lot of money.

What exactly is the upside of taking on Assad as a client? His military proved to be even more useless than Iraq’s. Are we supposed to act as his air force now? Give him weapons? Train his death squads? The Iranian seem to have that one covered.


2. Picking the Shiite side by making a nuclear deal with Iran helped cause this mess in the first place. If there’s anything guaranteed to get the Saudis and Qataris to start backing ISIS to the hilt, it would be allying with Assad.

This is a religious war. Buchanan suggests that we hop onto the Shiite side all the way without considering the implications.


3. Backing Assad would likely lead to a Sunni alignment behind ISIS. Any of the Jihadist groups that are fighting it or moving back and forth would see no reason not to join together with it.


4. Other Syrian rebel groups claim that ISIS has a secret deal with Assad. It may all be hot air, but alliances in the Middle East are strange and complicated. The enemy of my enemy is often my friend in the region, but so is my enemy.

Certainly things are where Assad wanted them to be. Having ISIS emerge on top has buried the prospect of foreign intervention. It’s not inconceivable that Assad was helping pick winners and losers on the rebel side.


5. Shiite terrorists aren’t preferable to Sunni terrorists. We have good reason to want Al Qaeda and any of its side projects put down for good, but allying with terrorists to fight terrorists is a tangled proposition that leads to more terrorism.


6. The Shiites and Sunnis hate us more than they do each other. During the Iraq War, Syria was the suicide bomber superhighway. A few years from now it could be again. Al Qaeda built up relationships with Iran before it turned to killing Shiites full time. Buchanan assumes that Iran and Syria want nothing more than to destroy ISIS. What they have wanted all along is to find a way to use it against us.


7. The more time ISIS and Hezbollah spend fighting each other, the less time they have to spend fighting us.

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