President Jonathan's Red Carpet Walk

President Jonathan’s Red Carpet Walk

The picture reminds me of when then Nigeria political figure and first president late Nnamdi Azikiwe; known as ‘Zik of Africa’ during a campaign stop had to stand on a table propped up by people.

Now in 2014, Nigeria president in a shameless ‘red carpet’ walk on a badly built plank boardwalk walks across with a smile waving like Zik did; both men were addressed as ‘Dr’. In nearly 60 years, same manner of not building anything right and well is the order in Nigeria.

The place called Nigeria never ceases to amaze and her leadership displays some of the intriguing and ‘shake-your-head’ conducts in full glare of the world and they care less. Take a look at picture and see if you agree.

The world’s most populous black nation, sure has doses of conducts and practices that defy common sense and her people quick to display their PhDs, titles and hierarchy, live in conditions comparable to primitive times. Acquiring education for Nigerians is not to think critically to solve problems but rather to acquire titles and remain stuck in traditions and customs similar to what those who have no education do. By the way President Goodluck Jonathan has a PhD, but Nigeria is still groping and for one whose name is ‘Goodluck’, Nigeria seems to be walloping in sea of BADLUCK. Again, be the judge and praise Hail Thee Nation where Hell Rages.

May Nigeria apologists now jump all over me and scream names but cannot dispute the facts. Pictures do not lie, prove me wrong.

Always my 2 kobo.