‘APC Will End Boko Haram’

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May 13th, 2014

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A Lagos-based APC Chieftain, Kunle Ademoye, has assured Nigerians that the Boko Haram terrorism which had persisted over the years, will be a thing of the past, if the APC is voted into power in 2015.

The ex-lawmaker, said the APC will enthrone good governance, social justice and equity, adding that it’s a party that will care particularly for the poor and youth, by incorporating and carrying them along in the task of nation building.

He blamed the abysmal failure of succeeding PDP administrations, particularly under the Jonathan-led administration, not only as the cause of the Boko Haram terrorism, but the reason why the menace had continued unabated, in spite of all deployment of formidable tools and weapons, and battalion of troops by the Federal Government.

“Fact is that the Jonathan-led administration of the PDP, had been applying the wrong panacea. They had been tackling the effect rather than the cause, which indeed is gross misgovernance on their part,” said the ex-Chairman Committee on Housing, Lagos State House of Assembly.

“It is therefore too late in the day for the PDP to change for good, since you cannot give what you don’t have, as we can now see that the party continues to grow worse with every passing day. It is also not surprising that Boko Haram had refused to abate over the years, and it will never abate, until the electorate decide unanimously of their own accord to dump the PDP, and vote in the APC in 2015, as the party of the people who cares for them.

“Boko Haram has exacted too much tolls in terms of needless loss of lives and properties. Things can certainly not continue like this and this is why you have to vote in the APC in 2015,” Ademoye stated further.


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