Are African tyrants more terrifying than death?

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Oct 7th, 2013

Belayneh Abate
While the British Broadcasting Corporation [1] continuously broadcasts about the tragic death of African Immigrants in Italy, Today’s Online New York times reads on its front page about African Immigrants “Desperation Fuels Trips of Migrants to Spain”. [2] Although rarely addressed by major international mass media, these kinds of African tragedies are the daily lives of Africans.
African slaves had been coerced to get in to their masters’ ships during the Colonial Era. Now the slaves themselves plead and pay large sum of money to get in to the ships. This fact indicates the magnitude of suffering in African under the corrupt and cruel African Rulers. Africans die in mass every day while they try to escape these sufferings in their homelands. Some are consumed by wild animals; some become victims of flood; some die from boat and ship accidents; and others die of starvation and diseases on their way. On the other hand, the sources of all kinds of miseries in Africa, the inhuman despots, sell African resources and save the blood money in European and American Banks.
In my opinion, it is time for the world health organization (WHO) to document dictators as major causes of death for African people just like malaria and tuberculosis. If counted accurately, the number of African people who die from despicable crimes of dictators could exceed the number of people dying from malaria and tuberculosis combined.
Just think about this! Somehow, it may probably make sense if someone risks death to see his family, country and people. Is it not terribly heartbreaking to watch people risk their lives to leave their loved ones, country and people? It appears the unfortunate African immigrants prefer death to living under African brutal rulers. Are African tyrants more terrifying than death?


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2.    Desperation Fuels Trips of Migrants to Spain , Then New York Times,

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