Are Terror Activities in Nigeria, including Kidnapping of School Girls Inside Job?

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May 16th, 2014

by Bonaventure Ezekwenna


Nigeria is at war and President Jonathan needs to constitute a war cabine; Chibok may expose the relationship between pervasive ‘politics’ in Nigeria – AfricansInAmericaNewsWatch

New York – For sometime now, some media and some commentators have been inadvertently living on fallacies about the main reasons Nigeria military and security agencies are unable to stamp-out terrorism in Nigeria. They oftentimes blame it on local population co-operation with the terrorists. That is one of the areas they totally and completely miss the point. The main reason Nigeria military and security agencies are unable to stamp-out terrorism in Nigeria is because some big shots, some ‘heavy weight’ and the so-called ‘above-the laws’ in the society are behind it. And most Nigerians know this simple incontrovertible fact.

Gradually and unfortunately, terrorism (Boko Haram) has become a tool in Nigeria pervasive politics.

For background, it is important to state that there are reports of various forms of ‘Boko Haram’ groups operating in Nigeria, but the 2 most noticeable and talked-about are religious ‘Boko Haram’ and political ‘Boko Haram’.

Religious Boko Haram refers to those Islamic extremists who believe they are waging a Jihad: Islamic Holy War of forced conversion of people of other faith to Islam. People who believe that by destruction of lives and properties of people who fail to convert to the teaching of Islam, they are doing the work of Allah; people who believe they are waging a war to force all estimated 170 million Nigerians into Islamic faith, or, in the least carve out and establish a separate Islamic republic out of northern part of Nigeria to be guided by the most extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism.

Political Boko Haram refers to those Islamic extremists who lend their services of terror for a fee. They are mostly hired by politicians that want them to execute violence for political purposes. These groups are often hired by Nigerian politicians to execute particular specific ‘political’ missions, according to reports. These groups hit any target regardless of the religious faith of the targets. The kind most politicians in Nigeria use to send powerful message of strength to one another, the kind some politicians now use to send powerful message to and negotiate with governments, especially federal government of President Goodluck Jonathan, the kind used to fulfill the promise of making Nigeria “ungovernable” for federal government of President Goodluck Jonathan, the kind that will be used to ensure a particular region vote a certain way in 2015 general elections.

Layers of Government in Nigeria:

Nigeria actually operates 4 levels of government system, namely: federal, state, local and town community leadership. This piece will deal with matters of security and development only.

The federal government controls the armed forces, (army, navy, air force), customs; police and state security services and para-security agencies even though federal government share control of police and state security services and para-security agencies with state governments, etc.

The State governments: There are 36 states in Nigeria. The state governments in Nigeria control the local and town community leadership, which comprise of town monarch and town union, which are closest to the grassroots. State governments control and run practically everything in the state; they control enormous amount of funds and resources. State governments are very and so powerful. They are almost like mini-heads-of-states and dictators with enormous powers and funds, except they can’t declare a republic.

The Local governments and Town community leaderships: The Local governments especially, and the Town community leaderships are supposed to be independent and received their funds allocation directly from the federation account but somehow, the system has not been perfected yet, so they receive their funds from state governments. Being at the mercy of state governments to receive funds, they are practically subservient to the state. That is the reality of the Nigerian system.

So in terms of where the real powers are in the tiers of government in Nigeria, the real powers lay at the federal and state governments, with state governments controlling the daily and minute to minute lives of the people.

In this dynamics, the state governments are closer and directly in touch with the grassroots, every nooks and corners of the state through their control of the local governments and town community leaderships.

1 Trillion Dollar Questions:

  • How were the terrorists able to come out of the forests in the border between Nigeria, Niger Chad and Cameroun, travel the long distance to the girls secondary school inside Borno State, abduct over 300 girls, set their dormitories on fire and travel all the way back into the forests with no one Informing any of Nigerian governments?

That is number one among the trillion dollar questions. That is among the questions both the government of Borno state, the local government and the town community leadership comprising the traditional rulers and community union in which the school is located, the school authority and as well as the federal governments of Nigeria must answer to both Nigerians and international community.

Also, there is this developing information that the daughters of the school staffs and some security personnel were removed from the school few hours before the terrorists raided the school.

Something is very fishy and disturbing about this whole development.

Another big question is: who are the leaders of the state, local governments, town community comprising the traditional rulers and unions? Who are the ones calling the shots in these areas?

Who are the leaders of the local intelligence services, the community vigilantes, etc? Are they sufficiently organized, equipped, trained and structured to work effectively?

The World Wants to Know:

Though Nigerian authorities may not care about answering to Nigerians who they have effective cowed into submission, they may very rudely find out the world, which is now a global village, needs answers. And the answer the world wants to get is the truth, the only specific truthful answer, and nothing but the truth; not ‘Naija mago-mago’ answer.

Nigerians may have for long time been agonizing under the complicity of religious Boko Haram, political Boko Haram and their patronizing politicians and governments but now they have attracted the attention of ‘big boys’, it may no longer be business as usual. The ‘Naija mago-mago’ way of doing business before may not work now that big boys have come to town.

Some High Profile Nigerians In and Out of Government Implicated in Terrorism so far:

Couple of years ago, when terrorists were arrested, some very influential leaders in Nigeria intervened and obstructed law enforcement action by negotiating amnesty for them. They took custody of the terrorists with view to reform them.

Couple of years ago, large loads of sophisticated assault weapons shipped to Nigeria were intercepted by Nigerian customs at the ports. Certain nationals of a foreign country and Nigerian citizens were implicated in the importation of those weapons, arrested and charged.

Couple of years ago, there were news about high profile leaders of the terror group who walked into the office of Nigerian inspector general of Police and Nigeria television and gave chilling and specific information about their activities in some foreign countries and Nigeria; that some religious and influential leaders were recruiting youths and sending them overseas for military training in preparation for ‘war’ in Nigeria. The high-profile leaders did these because of in-fighting within their groups. Unfortunately, the Nigerian authorities did not manage the opportunity (information and the cooperative group leaders) very well.

The fact that one of the known leaders of a group that are bombing locations in Nigeria walked into the office of Nigerian top cop and said: “Sir. I come here to give you information about all these bombings and people behind them and where they are. The reason I decided to come to you with these information is because I am mad at my group because they cheated me of money”. And the head of police force will tell him: “get out of my office because I don’t believe you. You have no credibility and don’t come here again. And be careful how you go about making false accusation”.

Enraged by the snub and disdainful treatment by the top-cop, the terrorist informant-wanna-be walked into a television station and demanded to be interviewed on terrorism going on in the country which the television promptly granted.

The way the incident was managed by law enforcement speaks volumes, to say the least.

Couple of years ago, a deputy top cop committed to stem the tide of terror in Nigeria was killed in suspicious plane crash shortly after assuming office.

Couple of years ago, a Nigeria serving senator was arrested for providing material and informational support to the terror group after some of them were arrested for calling Nigerian former president and some federal lawmakers to make threats. That senator was held for few days, charged to court and released on bail.

Also, a commander of one of the army formations in northern Nigeria was reportedly queried by the authority after he was implicated in terrorist activities and made statements inciting one tribe against another; statements aimed to trigger mutiny.

Not long ago, some very prominent politicians including former governors were publicly accusing each other of financing and sponsoring the terrorists and were very graphic with specific details of involvement and complicity.

There were also reports of certain so-called human rights advocates or activists and religious leaders who are acting as middlemen advocating, rationalizing and justifying the actions of the terror networks.

There were also reports that some officers (high and low) of Nigerian security and law enforcement, especially the military and police committed to the nations war on terror are being slaughtered by suspicious ‘friendly fires’ by their fellow officers, who apparently are sleeper cell terrorists.

Superiors sending young men and women of the security and law enforcement into combat without proper tools and without promptly paying them their dues and allowances could also be another way of sabotaging the nation’s war on terror; it could another way of aiding and abetting terrorism.

There are just too many and all sorts of very strange stories about people who are actually behind these terror in Nigeria

Nigerian Government Must Declare Total and Unprecedented War on Terror:

Many Nigerians believe that government has ample and abundant information on members, leaders, supporters, advocates, mentors and financiers, bankers, administrators/directors of terror network in Nigeria; but perhaps too weak to go after them because like he told the world not long ago: “The dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, had infiltrated my government: the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government as well as the police and armed forces”.

But President Jonathan did not tell the public the names of the Boko Harams in his government and why he has not fired them. Or rather, he did not tell the public the reason he choose to still keep the terrorists in his government.

However, things may have now changed. The new world order may have realized his ordeal and predicament and hence the readiness to give him every support he needs to defeat this terror. There will be no more excuses.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan now has at his disposal all he needs to dismantle and crush the terror network ravaging Nigeria. He has all he needs to apprehend any and every person suspected to be members, leaders, supporters, advocates, mentors and financiers, bankers, administrators/directors, and facilitators of terror network in Nigeria regardless of their position in the society. Be they people in his government: the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government as well as the police and armed forces, anyone who may be implicated as providing any form of cover and assistance to the terror in the nation need to be seriously dealt with.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has to now revamp his government, fire people he is not comfortable with and reconstitute a war cabinet to fight a very dangerous war.

It is time for him to go after them wherever they are in any part of the world and make them pay for the volume of blood they shed in Nigeria. Most importantly, he now has the global support to do that.

International Criminal Court (ICC) and Nigeria:

The last time research was conducted, the few Africans in ICC prisons and detention are Liberian former President Charles Taylor, Ivory Coast former President Laurent Gbagbo and few other Rwandans convicted for crimes against humanity. There is no Nigerian in that list, not yet.

Are Terror Activities in Nigerian including Kidnapping of School Girls Inside Job?

There have been always rumors that some of the bombings and ongoing terror operations in Nigeria are inside jobs.


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