Are The Ethiopians Actually Hungry?

Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Neither have they.

What’s the fastest animal in the world? An Ethiopian Chicken.

How do you start and Ethiopian Rave? Tape a piece of bread to the ceiling.

How many Ethiopians can you fit in a bath tub? No one knows because they keep slipping down the drain.

What do you call 50 Ethiopians standing side by side? A Barcode.

Are these statements valid. Is there really an hunger problem in Ethiopia. Is it just an overall lack of food or are the Ethiopian women just bad cooks? A simple solution to this problem would be to build a McDonalds. Even on the average salary of $3 a day an Ethiopian could afford two items off the dollar menu. But what if this isn’t a problem. What if these are just simple jokes that are in the same category as:

How do you tell if a black person has been on your computer? It’s gone.

There is a Mexican, a black guy, and a native in a car, who is driving? The cops.

What’s the difference between a Mexican and a bench? A bench can support a family of four.

Are Ethiopian jokes just good for a cheap laugh, or when someone tells you to finish your dinner because there are starving kids in Africa, is it the Ethiopians they are talking about? After some basic research I have learned that Ethiopians are in fact hungry. So instead of shamelessly making jokes at their expense I encourage you to go out and do something. Maybe go for a walk in the park and think about how blessed you are to have a plate full of food waiting for you when you return home and are done eating pack up your unfinished meal and send it on the next bus to India. Be proactive and eat a little less so that they can eat a little more. Do your part to make this world a better place.

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