Eyob Ghebreziabhier
What will be Eritrea after dictatorship or recycled colonialism? I have a vision that hzbawi
baytotat1 ሕዝባዊ ባይቶታት (sing. ባይቶ) will rise above the ashes of their past. And the Eritrean
villages will go away from being Axumite kingdom villages by starting to stop living
without electricity. And they will revolutionize their health by inventing W.C. (water
closet) to give end to Adam and Eve defecating culture.
Form many different point of views, we, Eritreans, have strong and overwhelming reason
whey we choose the rule of law, because for us it is the only way out. As consequence of
colonialism, we were with ascari culture for many years and we are now with warsayykealo
culture, product of dictatorship or recycled colonialism, for half of a century. With
culture of ascari, we have seen while our civilization slipping from our hands. Also now
with the culture of warsay-yekealo, we are witnessing Eritrea’s out of breath. All these
suggest us to change the culture book, because we have nothing to do with the culture
that doesn’t represent us.
So, the long and horrible journey to peace will yield its fruits by giving birth to Eritrean
Republic. Eritrea will be a real democratic nation thanks to its black history of colonialism
and dictatorship or recycled colonialism. On the first day at work, the republic will never
hesitate to uproot the legacies of these two devastating systems not only to give a space
for the new system of majority rule but also to be clean and transparent. So Eritrea will
not be anything other than strong democratic nation in the Horn of Africa. It will shine
from the dark in an extraordinary way.
But the question is not whether Eritrea to be or not to be a democratic nation. Of this, I
don’t have any doubt it will be. But there is a problem in the method that takes us there.
The process that makes Eritrea on the right track is not still finished. Eritrean politics that
opposes the dictator failed to build modern culture that has the consensuses of modern
It seems like the case of Iseyas Efewrqi and Eritrean national football team. If we give
Iseyas Efewerqi another not 21 but 210 years, he will not form Eritrean national football
team because his divide and rule policy doesn’t allow him to do so. Also it is seems true,
if we give the Eritrean politics that opposes the dictator time us much as it asks to write
Eritrean fronts unification formula, it will never give birth to national front Eritrea,
because of the nature of its political agenda. I believe that this is the main concern of
Eritrea today.
But this is when we talk about Eritrean internal factors. When we talk about the internal,
we must not forget the external factors. Internal and external factors are tweezers with
which we catch Iseya’s dictatorship.
When we speak about external factors Eritrea is very lucky. It is embracing worldwide
solidarity. The UN (targeted) sanctions on Eritrea is parallelizing the ruling machine of the
Eritrean dictator. Power of the dictator will never be the same as before sanction. Plus
Eritrean refugees, part of the generation that ends slavery in Eritrea, are studying in
Ethiopian universities to be main future of Eritrean democracy. I hope that the Europeans
follow Ethiopian example by educating the young Eritrean refugees (who are with them)
to be builders of Eritrean democracy. Yes, my Eritrea will have a lot of serious problems
produced by narrow-minded attitudes. But if more than 80 million Ethiopians learned how
to live together in peace, harmony, and honor under the rule of law, why can’t more
oppressed, degraded and less than 8 million Eritreans learn how to live together in
peace, harmony, and honor under the rule of law?
Without doubt Eritrea will be a democratic state. Religion will be set aside. As we know
citizens of the Eritrean Republic can be followers of different religions but Eritrea remains
democratic country. Owing to this, right, new and balanced Eritrean sentiment and
patriotism will emerge. Being EPLF or PFDJ will end. As consequence all the poisonous
military culture that has devastated Eritrea will be substituted by Eritrean Republic
culture. In other words enemies of our Eritrean values, history, culture, hopes, dreams,
visions, civilization, unity, etc. will be subtracted at the speed of our steps. Peace, justice,
security and solidarity will be strengthened according to our education.
I believe that Eritrean Republic will shine more of two things namely good governance
and good friendly relation. I would like to call this period ‘Eritrean Republic at its best’. At
its best, as result of good governance, there will be good Eritrean relations in general,
with world community and in particular, with Eritrean neighbors. At that time, thanks to
Eritrea good geographical location, Red Sea will be piazza del commercio (marketplace)
and Eritrean ports will retain their commercial titles. But before that Eritreans will learn
how to swim and how to catch, cook and eat a fish or Sea sheep in the Red Sea.
For me healthy relation with neighbor countries and Eritrea’s good geographical location
are two inseparable items that have economical value. And they have the ability to be
strong pillars for Eritrean Republic. They are advantages that they can’t be lost but they
can be spoiled like what we are testifying now.
At the time of Eritrean republic at its best, all will be equal before the law. To make
things compatible to the republican system, everybody will be accountable to his actions.
Doing the right thing will be praised and awarded. Step by step Eritrea will see the
process of its reconciliation. The real Eritrea’s care takers will be its different institutions.
For an example the dictatorship has destroyed Eritrean family nucleus, cancelled popular
baito, common law, changed historical names of districts, provinces, etc. All these testify
our origin. They are our history and our identities. They are wells of our moral and
culture. The dictatorship has buried them in order to teach us more that it doesn’t adhere
to our values. But the republican institutions will be recommended to act the opposite.
As the result, the Eritrean provinces, Denkel, Ekkeleguzai, Gash-Barka, Hamasien, Sahl,
Sehnhit, Semhar, and Seraie will prevail. They will be provinces of Eritrean Republic like
States of USA or provinces of Canada. In other words Denkel will have provincial right
like California State of USA or Quebec province of Canada.
Today there are many things that kill Eritrean visions. But the main Eritrean vision killer
is Isyas’ politics. His dictatorship doesn’t only hinder us from dreaming but also kills if in
case we have already one. As consequence of this condition, Eritrea became a land where
dreams and hopes don’t grow. We became the owners of rust and sterile mind. What we
have in our minds is an amulet/ktab (ክታብ) of the Eritrean dictator discordant (ስግንጥር)
‘doctoring’. With this he has lured as to kill our people with him. As result it is very hard
to find an Eritrean without a sense of guilt. This advises for those who oppose the rule of
one man in Eritrea not to raise a hand and point the finger at someone because we are
all sinners though there is a difference.
Eyob Ghebreziabhier Gizie-lewti.com 11.12. 2012 Swiss
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