At Laserderm Clinics, Getting rid of wrinkles isn’t just for the rich & famous

If you are in your mid 30’s to 50’s and above, it is very likely you have started noticing some lines and wrinkles in the mirror. We wish to focus today on the vertical lines that usually occur around the corners of the nose, mouth and under eyes causing dark circles called the tear trough. These are caused by the loss of volume and displacement downwards of fat under the skin due to effects of gravity on the aging and less firm and plump skin.

Laserderm Clinics to the rescue. Continue…


Facial Fillers: Previously the secret weapon for only the rich and famous but now accessible to everyone who wishes to preserve his or her youthfulness.

Fillers are made for synthetic compounds that are safe for your skin. The most common types are made from a natural sugar compound called hyaluronic acid that provides fullness to the skin. Another is made of tiny crystals that contain a calcium substance found in our bones and skin. Your doctor is usually the best person to say which one is best for you.

Fillers work underneath the skin to trap water, plump the skin, and restore volume that has been lost, returning the skin to a more youthful condition. They’re frequently used in the folds on the sides of the nose and around the corners of the mouth. These areas are particularly susceptible to breakdown because there is so much chewing, talking, and smiling. But facial fillers can also be used to raise scar depressions, plump the lips, and enhance the temples, cheeks, or lower eyelids.

With fillers, there is little pain and not much downtime—although swelling and minor bruising can last for up to a week.

At Laserderm Clinics, our doctors use a fine needle and may use a numbing cream or local anesthetic to reduce the pain.

While this is classified as an in-office procedure, one should always be extremely safety conscious; after all, this is your face. For that reason we at Laserderm Clinics strongly advice this is not a treatment to be done by unqualified personnel and recommend you go see a qualified doctor who understands the complex facial anatomy and has the necessary qualification and training to carry out this procedure.

In the hands of the right physician this treatment can be like magic; shaving years off ones appearance.

At LaserDerm Clinics we use strictly the highest quality products, Juvederm, Teosyal and Restylane. Our doctors have years of experience and have performed countless procedures both here in Nigeria and the UK. Why not schedule an appointment for a consultation, your face will thank you for it.

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