Atletico Madrid players didn’t like Ronaldo’s trick pass – Video

By benim
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Nov 10th, 2010

With Real Madrid beating city rivals Atletico 2-0 following two early goals, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to show off for his girlfriend (who looks a little bored at the beginning of the clip) by using only his back to pass the ball to Xabi Alonso. Though this move has been done before by the likes of Ronaldinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Atletico players saw it as Ronaldo showing them up and decided to let him know that they didn’t like it.

Raul Garcia went over to him and said, “You wouldn’t do that [if the score was] 0-0, eh?” His teammate, Valera agreed, but Ronaldo responded by cursing him out.

After the match, several other Atletico players criticized the move, while Sergio Ramos defended his teammate, pointing out how no one really cared when Ibrahimovic did it. However, he failed to take into account the fact that when Ronaldo does something, it is automatically 112 percent more offensive than when anyone else does the exact same thing.

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