Awa Naija blog launches Video Campaign with a difference

By IAfrica
In Nigeria
Aug 18th, 2014

This is one of the difficult periods in Nigeria’s history as a nation goes without a say, with many fearing for the future of the country remaining together as a single entity. However, with renewed optimism and resilience which characterises the ‘Nigerian psyche’, we are refusing to give up hope on ourselves and our nation. Continue…

We believe Nigeria would have been in a better place today if we all work with our government rather than tear it down. Development does not just require good leadership; it also requires good citizenship and followership.

As we continue to find our collective voice in the demand for responsible leaders and better living conditions, and for our stolen daughters to be returned to us, We also extol ourselves to individually play our parts in building a better Nigeria, by being better citizens, because awa naija is awa country, and awa pride.

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