Former President Rupiah Banda says he has forgiven Former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for advocating for the removal of his immunity.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Zambia Reports, former President Banda comment that he “holds no grudge against Kabimba.”

Former President Banda’s comments come following the recent ouster of Kabimba as Justice Minister and Patriotic Front Secretary General by order of President Michael Sata – a move which was greeted with widespread popularity among the party’s supporters.

Mr. Banda said the President has powers to appoint and remove anyone in the cabinet as well as the party. He further pointed out that unlike the MMD Constitution which requires that the Secretary General of the party to be elected, the PF constitution mandates the President to appoint.

“I didn’t want to comment but I have received so many calls from you journalists,” former President Banda said to Zambia Reports. “There is nothing wrong with what the President has done. He has powers to do that. I believe he has done that for the interest of the nation. In PF, the President can hire or fire the Secretary General, unlike in MMD where a vote is required. Yes, he instigated the removal of my immunity and I’m ever in court, but should I hate him for that? No. Vengeance is for the lord,” former President Banda said.

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