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Published March 19, 2014 By Charles Sakala

The family of late Maxwell Nkole on Saturday said they were not happy with the government response to the funeral of the late former chairperson of the Task Force on Corruption.

The family said they were unhappy because the government gave the death of Nkole a low profile when the deceased to had sacrificed a lot to public service when he was alive.

The sentiments were expressed by several of Nkole’s relatives during the funeral service in Lusaka on Saturday.

Maxwell Nkole was buried at his estate off Zambezi road near Foxdale area in Lusaka.

The government had not recognised Nkole’s death by way declaring a period of national mourning under presidential powers, as would normally apply to most funeral of senior statesmen.

But during burial, Home Affairs Minister Ngosa Simbyakula represented the government where his presence infuriated some of the relatives. He was not allowed to give the government speech during the burial programme.

One of the relatives Chewe Chepela said the government should have officially got involved in Nkole’s funeral programme.

“This is a man who has done a lot for the government and the people of Zambia. He has worked and represented this country at different high level platforms and organisations both locally and abroad and at international organisations such as the United Nation.

The United Nations have sent a message of condolences but our own government, which he worked for just yesterday have failed to even say a word and we have just seen a man coming to represent the government at this hour. It is ridiculous,” he said.

He said Nkole was recognised in other countries and organisations such as the setting up of the trial courts for the Rwanda Genocide suspects.

Chepela said Nkole was relieved of his duties from government and no one government representative had visited him until he died.

“This is why we feel he was just taken out of the government to on board,” he said.

Chepela said the government must learn to honour is true citizens with honour and integrity.