BIG BROTHER AFRICA: End Of The Road For Keita!

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Jul 22nd, 2012


It’s a sad evening for Ghana today as a shocked country and fans of the BigBrother Africa Star Game had to say bye, bye to Keita.

After an accelerated rise in the game, many people were expecting better luck for our home boy especially as he was up against weaker StarGame characters like Wati. Although the results of tonight’s eviction show leaves several credibility questions in our minds concerning the competition, we are consoled by the fact that Ghana has gone really far in the game this year with 77 days in the house.

If you watched the BigBrother Africa house this week, you would probably have caught some of the tension yourself as the game has gotten more heated with just a few weeks left to 5th August when the house closes to reveal the last man standing.

And after Goldie left last week to kill Nigeria’s dominance in the show, Ghana Celebrities was sure the journey had gotten brighter for Ghana.

In the midst of all this tension, Keita was once again up for eviction for the third time in the big brother house. In the last 2 times he has been on the chopping board because he had been put up by Goldie who compromised him to save her man Prezzo and this week, Kyle put him up to save Keagan.

Housemates who were up for possible eviction tonight were Prezzo, Alex, Lady May, Wati and Kieta.

However Ghana and the rest of Africa voted to save the others and sent Alex from Kenya and Keita packing to head home.

Among the highlights of the BigBrother house this week was when Keita showed some fantastic free style rap skills making viewers wonder if our representative is getting ready to launch a rap career on his return home or is the rap just in his blood?

Watch a video of Keita’s free-styling below…

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