Boko haram: General Buhari got it wrong

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

by Nebukadineze Adiele

I love General Buhari and I will support him for president over any candidate but he is wrong in saying that Boko haram attacks are Planned By President Jonathan and West to destabilize Nigeria. I cannot speak for president Jonathan but I can speak for the West. (a) The West does not want a disintegrated Nigeria and for that, it will

never support the Islamic terrorism going on in the North. (b) For inexplicable reason, the West has historically favored the North of Nigeria over the South. On boko haram, the West, especially the US, has always called for dialogue, insisting that military solutions alone cannot arrest the situation. (c) The Nigerian government has solicited US’s help with the drones in fighting boko haram but the US has not acquiesced because it does not want the North to feel conquered and has therefore put pressure on Ebele to combine military action with dialogue. But for US pressure, Ebele would have  declared a severe state of emergency in the Northeast and unleashed scorched-earth military missions there to clear out these miscreants.

I am beginning to think that boko haramites are not Nigerians — I think that Nigeria is being invaded by unscrupulous elements who want the country to disintegrated on religious line. How could boko haramite be Nigerians and they are killing innocent children both in the mosques and in churches? I believe that boko haramites are Islamic Arab mercenaries intent on breaking up Nigeria.

Instead of blaming Ebele, Northern leaders must get involved in arresting this ugly situation. A cowardly Lamido of Adamawa, instead of being a man and suggesting ways to dealing with the problem, threatened to run away, into Cameroun, for no sensible reason whatsoever. In what cave has this Lamido been hiding that he does not know that Paul Biya has neutered the Fulani in Cameroun? Besides, the Camerounians don’t want the Lamido and his people — they resent born to rule mentality.

Boko haram is a threat to all of us. If they win, all of us will be shamed and defeated. For that, we must set aside partisan politics and outlandish utterances in order to defeat boko haram. Neither the West nor president Jonathan has anything to do with boko haram. The leaders of the North have lots of roles to play in defeating boko haram but they are not playing that role now; they must not hide away from that role by invoking conspiracy theories. General Buhari is a patriot and an epitome of discipline. Whenever he speaks, Nigerians pay attention but he must not lose that prerogative by allowing soiled politicians to drag him into their pit by speaking through him. He must not speak their language, which is a language of conspiracy theorizing and perfidious politicking over national calamities.

General Muhammadu Buhari should call president Jonathan and show him how he, as Head of State in 1984, wiped out the Maitasine terrorist group whose terrorism would have equaled or dwarfed boko haram had he not acted swiftly. That much is expected of him, not petty politicking and conspiracy theorizing.

Nebukadineze Adiele


Attacks Planned By President Jonathan And West To Destabilize Nigeria – Buhari

Former military Head of State and leader of the All Progressives

Congress (APC) retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari yesterday described  the

sustained attacks in parts of the North as a ploy by President

Goodluck Jonathan and his allies Western countries to destabilize



Speaking in Katsina during a condolence visit to victims of the recent

violence in Faskari and Sabuwa LGAs, General Muhammadu Buhari urged

residents to help security agents expose the perpetrators.


He said: “President Goodluck Jonathan and his allies are trying to

destabilize Nigeria, beginning with the North. They started with

Borno, Kano and now they got to Katsina and Kaduna. So what is

remaining?” Buhari said the attacks are terrorist acts that transcend

religious and ethnic connotation as no group is spared.


“Since security agents have realized that the whole thing is

presumptuous, residents must unite and help in unmasking those behind

these attacks”, he said, urging people to report suspicious persons

and movements to security agents. He commiserated with victims of the

attacks which claimed several lives and prayed for the restoration of

peace in the country, while also making donations to victims.

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