Both British & Zim MPs Allowances Are Inflated

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Jun 5th, 2014

opinion_angry1Law makers take us for granted once we give them the power to run the affairs of our country. Zimbabwean MPs, like their British selfish counterparts are busy milking the State. Some Senators are inflating their mileages by faking their exact homes in order to get more fuel coupons.

Parliament does not do checks and balances. These selfish MPs and senators are busy making some monkey noise about huge salaries in parastatals they are also reported to be some of the most corrupt and scandalous lot. Most of them go to parliament in buses but they get fuel coupons leaving parliament broke.

The question is, where is the media? Done only have to hold leaders accountable if are only sure our own people are not involved? Several MDC T and Zanu members of parliament are simply milking the august with bogus claims. Why we have no checks and balances on claims made by now well known thieves is still surprising.

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