Burned and Looted Ferguson Convenience Store Oddly Uninterested in Reopening

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Aug 31st, 2014

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It’s what Michael Brown would have wanted

I can’t imagine why. Most stores just love being burned and looted. It makes them twice as eager to reopen. Especially when the looting and burning happened after a robber who violently stole from another store was shot by police.

On August 10, 2014, the Ferguson, Missouri, the local QuikTrip was looted and torched during riots over the shooting death of 18 year-old Michael Brown.

A QuikTrip official told The Gateway Pundit the company has no plans on rebuilding in Ferguson and that the looted store was barely breaking even.

This is where so-called Food Deserts come from.

Stores in bad areas are not that profitable because prices are low and security and loss costs are high. They have to depend on volume and if there are disruptions, then the whole business plan collapses.

Also the lost jobs will increase unemployment. The same unemployment that the protesters are complaining about.

The kind of stores that will open and run in places like Ferguson are…

1. Third World businesses that use family members as cheap labor (no local jobs added)

2. Depend on lottery tickets, liquor and cigarettes for revenue (bad for the community)

3. Run scams on the side, e.g. smuggled cigarettes, lottery cheats, EBT for cash

Instead of making it easier for better stores to open and create jobs, the misery just gets perpetuated.

But there’s an answer. Holder can just sue QuikTrip for discrimination and force it to reopen.


We love our children too. Please think before you rob, beat, knock out game, rape and kill them. Then they’ll be less likely to be shot by police and you can spend more time enjoying your disability payments instead of holding up stupidly self-righteous signs in the hot sun.

Also please think before you loot and burn your own neighborhood’s stores to the ground.

It’s in your own interest really.


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