Bury Political Differences And Put Zimbabwe on Map

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Jun 12th, 2014


By Peacemaker Zano

In line with efforts being made to revive the country’s economy, it is prudent for ZANU-PF government officials to put aside their political differences and work towards restoring the nation’s identity.

I applaud the call by ZANU- PF Member of Parliament for Marondera Central, who is also the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce, Ray Kaukonde, who chided some government officials for fighting for political power while the economy is sinking.

“We are busy fighting for political positions but the economy has been ignored and left asleep. Zimbabweans are a resilient lot, we were talking about diamonds recently, now no one is talking about them,” he said.

The government can provide a secure environment for doing business through good laws and financial regulations that prevent cheating, stealing, and corruption.

Zimbabwe’s economic reconstruction should be driven internally, thus the government and its people should join hands together and give priority and prominence to economic recovery and nation building matters rather than concentrating on factionalism and succession issues, leaving the economy unattended.

For the country’s economy to develop, Government should make good use of the scarce resources available. Zimbabwe is a land that has vast mineral resources that can be utilized to rejuvenate the economy.

The industrial sector is facing crises as most companies are shutting down due to lack of financial recapitalisation. It is the role of the Government to instill confidence in every company by identifying and designing win-win policies that will improve the economy of Zimbabwe.

The Government needs to support the smaller companies more. This will ensure that the economy will focus less on big businesses as these can survive through their sheer size, but focus more on businesses that can succeed in dynamic smaller markets. Small companies are the nurseries of new businesses and new ideas that can help assist in developing the nation’s economy.

Zim-Asset is an economic recovery policy that seeks to restore the manufacturing sector, improve production and export of goods and services through the value addition cluster. It is such blueprints that should be used to leverage the recovery process.

These are the issues that government officials should be concerning themselves with instead of petty squabbles. These officials should put aside their political differences, shun corruption and pursue economic activities that meet the needs of Zimbabwean citizens.

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