Call Me Muna and Don’t Attach the MBGN Prefix—Munachi Abii

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Sep 1st, 2014

By Judith Judith

Former beauty queen turned rapper; Munachi Abii had a recent interview with vanguard where she said lot about her career and personal life. She also addressed the rumors that she once dated Peter Okoye. Read some excerpts;

A lot of people didn’t take you serious when you opted for music. How were you able to grow the thick skin to be able to withstand the pressure?

I had a thick skin when I came in. This is the honest truth. If you are not surrounded by good people insecurity starts to creep in. That is how everybody here is. They are always looking at other people instead of focusing on what they are out there to accomplish .The people around me were not helping me. I am not blaming them too as well as myself.


How where you able to go beyond the ‘Pretty face’ stereotype?

At first I felt like discountenancing the pretty face toga. I thought I needed to just show off the talent and ignore the pretty face. At that time I didn’t want to be associated only with the fact that I have a pretty face. If you asked me then, I would tell you just call me Muna and don’t attach the MBGN prefix.

I just wanted people to know me and my music . I later realized that when I did, it put me on the defensive . This is something I had to learn along the way. I realized that in order to break free from anything, you have to accept the truth. The truth for me is that I am a beautiful lady. I had to accept the fact that I am beautiful, and use it to my advantage. So what if I am beautiful? So what if I can rap?

I am a beautiful rapper, I am a beautiful musician. People want to see that. The first thing they want to see about me unfortunately is my look. They see the look and they look into the content.

How do you handle controversies?

When you don’t have the right public relations, they could be a problem. Back in the days , I heard things like :”Muna is dating this person, doing this and that” The last time I read what they wrote about me, was may be in 2008.Every other thing you want to know will be addressed in a song.

There was a time when you were said to be dating Peter Okoye?

You know it’s funny. It’s just one of the things that won’t just go away. I intend to respond to all this with a song so watch out for it .I always get asked this question in every interview .It’s better to ask him too.

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