Cameroon President rescues Eto’o

Cameroon Prime Minister Philemon Yang met the chief of the Cameroon Football Association (FA) Iya Mohamed last Friday, asking him to settle the saga of Samuel Eto’o, who has been hit with a 15-match ban for inciting his teammates to boycott Algeria’s friendly game on 15 November.

“This brief meeting had a single objective: the prime minister gave his visitor the instructions of Paul Biya (President of Cameroon) ordering Iya to reconsider the heavy sanctions imposed on Samuel Eto’o,” a close source told

The discipline committee of the Cameroon FA gave its verdict on 16 December against Eto’o and vice-captain Eyong Enoh, who was given a two-match ban, for their lack of loyalty to their obligation to participate in national games.

Eto’o blasted the Cameroonian officials but confirmed that he will not appeal the ban.

The 30-year-old Anzhi striker is well-known for his close relationship with President Biya, who has now decided to get involved in the affair which has provoked huge debates in Cameroon.

The government has already announced that it is closely monitoring the situation, and after the President’s intervention, the ban is expected to be reduced or even lifted.


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