Cameroon’s Biya reshuffles cabinet

Cameroon President Paul Biya has reshuffled his cabinet, according to a presidential decree read over state television on Saturday, his first major step since he was re-elected in an October poll.

The changes include newly nominated ministers of finance, energy, mines, and about 20 others, according to the decree, which gave no reason for the reshuffle. Prime Minister Philemon Yang retained his post.

Most changes involved shifting portfolios, though a handful of ministers were sacked, including former minister of mines Badel Ndanga Ndinga, and the ex-minister of state for territorial administration, Hamidou Marafa.

Biya won a landslide victory in October elections to extend his 29-year rule of the central African oil producer nation, though the opposition denounced the result as fraudulent.

One of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, his rule is widely viewed as autocratic, with members of the cabinet exercising limited discretion over the key portfolios.

Cameroon boasts central Africa’s largest economy, but declines in oil production have hurt the pace of economic growth in recent years. Biya’s government is hoping to draw investment to boost iron ore and power production. Reuters

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