Chellah-BrusselsAll People’s Party Congress president Nason Msoni seems to have rubbed the ego of President Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah by saying that people will continue doubting the authenticity of footage coming from State House over the President’s true state of health if the Head of State remained tucked away from the public.

Chellah, who has for some time locked away his juvenile side, revived his crass responses by calling Msoni primitive.

The former Post Newspapers typist of President Sata’s statements said Msoni was being petty by inquiring about President Sata’s real state of health.

Chellah has been criticized for the manner State House communications have been handled over public matters with most accurate information having been squeezed out of the online media while President Sata has been hiding behind his facebook account despite being a vicious anti online media crusader.

“The gist of the matter is that Mr Msoni is being primitive and petty. It is beyond malice he is just being petty and primitive,” Chellah said.

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