Child Prostitution in Ethiopia – Shocking Inside Story in Pictures

By IndepthAfrica
In Ethiopia
Mar 19th, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: Graham Peebles  wrote the article below about growing child prostitution in Ethiopia in 2012 and till today the number of children going into prostitution on Addis Ababa street continues to grow at alarming rate. Around 90,000 children were found to be working in prostitution, over 50% started engaging in prostitution below 16 years of age. Child prostitution in Ethiopia is increasing incredibly during the last 5 years. Sex exploitation has devastating consequences for minors: physical and psychological trauma, HIV, diseases, drug addiction (qat abuse), unwanted pregnancy. A body is sold at a price of between 10 and 60 birr (0.40 – 2.40 €). The belief is the young girls are HIV free.

A photographer achillepiotrowicz  exposes the rate at which  child prostitution is growing in Ethiopia through images.

Shocking Inside Storypixel

Click here for unbelievable images.



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  • ShawnCurtisLacey

    The best customers are white males from Europe and the USA. I saw a special where these white guys knew where to go and did not feel any shame or try to hide. They went into these clubs and grabbed kids elementary to junior high age. No one opposed because of the money involved.

  • MesfinG Cong

    Prostitution is as old as humanity. What is recorded here is more about poverty and its root cause, to make a long story short, by GREED. Greed of the rich; a recnet story goes on that over 50 000 “undocumented” (illegal) children who have entered the “rich” US from Mexico and othe central and south American states, whose social and material fabrics have been destroyed by the US goverment for decades and decades on–most of those kids will end up as domestic-workers alias prostitutes. Even today the US is trying, day and night, to overturn people friendly policies in Guatemala, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc. Why? Simply said greed!! Look at Iraq or what has remined of it, a prosperous middle-income country left to ruins, or Libya, or Syria…the list of trails of destruction can go on and thosands of women childre forced from their homes, wht do you think will they be doing for living in foreign lands? Get rid of the devil,…but prayer cant do much.