Chinamasa: Let’s Meet Halfway On The Diaspora Bond.

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Jul 27th, 2014

When I heard that Finance Minister Patrick Chinamsa is seriously considering issuing treasury bonds to be raised among the Diaspora workforce especially accountants, I chuckled. I just realized how far apart our Government was from the reality on the ground.

Our Cashberts (those earning millions in our frail economy) in Zimbabwe blow millions a month in salaries paid for undeserving roles that are killing companies and wounding the economy. We have about twenty ZANU PF people who own billions in cash and here we are: Chinamasa trying to raise a paltry $20 million through the Diaspora bond. To me something is amiss.

The so called ZIMASSET project was supposed to bless Zimbabwe. But instead it remains grounded. The reasons are many. Corruption is now being openly supported and encouraged. Those who steal big money are free on our streets. Police still remain biased and the Ministers’ rate for crying for luxuries is esoteric. They cry for Mercedes Benz and they want to travel like Vasco da Gama.

Farm invasions have started again. This time it is not on white farmers as most of them are gone. The new victims now are the black farmers who had bought farms with their own money and now must lose them as there is no rule of law. The only few white commercial farmers are now being subjected to renewed xenophobia and the Government looks the other way.

This is the very time when Foreign Direct Investment must come in and the Government is busy upholding values that make the potential investors even jerk in their sleep when they think about Zimbabwe. No one is serious among the leadership ranks. The blame game is on the loose.

After the RBZ-Home ownership scheme in 2005, many lost invested funds on properties. No one now would want to take a risk in the Diaspora to trust the very people who started the Home Link scandal that has given many sleepless nights of regret to this day.

If only there was fair play, the Diaspora wealth could be harnessed into a formidable project. The only issue now is that there is a lot of cunning conduct among the leaders. The citizens fear being conned and especially knowing that there is no rule of law and no protection of private property.

We all love Zimbabwe but the rules of the game remain mired with corruption and heavy-handedness, making the whole exercise a big joke. If only farm invasions stopped, and those earning millions that they never worked for paid them back, at least those in the Diaspora could feel the need to jump on. For now it is just talk without real action on the ground. It is a mockery to try to raise $20 million when Cashberts gobble that in monthly salaries and still keep smiling.

Jonathan Kamuriwo.

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