Chinese workers in East Darfur released after one-day kidnap

A group of youngsters abducted nine Chinese oil workers in El Mazarob, East Darfur, on Sunday.

The Chinese were working in the northern East Darfur oil fields of Zarga Um Hadid and Jid El Sayed, a listener told Radio Dabanga. “El Mazarob youth kidnapped nine Chinese workers in Adila locality on Sunday evening, and seized a number of vehicles, devices, and tools belonging to oil companies.”

The source explained that the youngsters are dissatisfied with the oil companies. “The people of El Mazarob have not received any compensation for the farmlands and pastures confiscated by the government for the benefit of the oil companies. The companies themselves also do not contribute to the development and employment of the youth in the region.”

“The Commissioner of Adila locality, Brig. Ahmed Ali Rizik, on Monday immediately started negotiations with the kidnappers in El Mazarob, located 28 km north of Adila town, leading to the release of the abductees on Monday evening,” the listener said.

“The youngsters first refused to return the stolen devices. Yet, they released them, after a meeting with representatives of the oil companies and local authorities, in which the companies and the government fully agreed to work on development and job opportunities for young people in the region, and to provide compensation for those affected by the oil fields in Zarga Um Hadid and Jid El Sayed.”

File photo: Oil well drilling pits in East Darfur (IRIN)


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