Civil Servants Disliked Kabimba’s ‘Arrogance’

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In Zambia
Aug 29th, 2014

Jubilations have continued pouring in from across Zambia following the sacking of Wynter Kabimba, with the latest being civil servants at the Ministry of Justice in Lusaka.

Some workers interviewed by Zambia Reports stated that the Kabimba’s departure had brought a lot of relief to many people in the government wing.

Those spoken to said they were not sad about Kabimba’s sacking and they would not miss their former minister and PF secretary general.

One of the civil servants said Kabimba’s sacking had come at a time when the people working under him were being choked with his bad attitude.

The civil servants interviewed refused to speak on the record because they could lose their jobs.

Those who spoke anonymously said Kabimba was an arrogant character that lacked basic leadership skills because he use to ‘boss’ civil servants, instead of being a good leader.

“The departure of Wynter Kabimba has brought in a blast of fresh air here because this man was not liked by many people because of his attitude. Kabimba was rude, arrogant and very ambitious about things that he could never achieve. He would not take any advice from anyone,” one of the civil servants lamented.

Another worker said Kabimba abused a lot of people including sweepers, stenographers and secretaries whom he intimidated and manipulated. The source said Kabimba was untouchable in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) because he was very arrogant and disrespectful to other people, especially those with divergent views.

“I was almost fired from employment because of Kabimba. He thought he was the president and he wanted everyone to give him that attention. We respected him because he was the minister, but he did wrong things to people. Earlier this year, Kabimba was so arrogant and disrespectful to a crew from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that had come to interview him as Justice Minister and PF secretary general, the source said.

On Monday, Michael Sata. Who himself is battling for popularity from the people following his three month absence from the public announced announced Kabimba’s sacking in a media released that was circulated via email by his spokesperson George Chellah.

The news sent many ruling party sympathisers into street celebrations in different parts of the country, with some alleging that Kabimba’s firing was long overdue because he was dividing the ruling party. Several organs of the PF, the opposition parties, churches, civil society and other stakeholders have welcomed Kabimba’s sacking.

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