Coalition of 17 political parties to boycott Sudan’s ‘national dialogue’

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In Sudan
Apr 7th, 2014

A coalition of 17 political parties led by the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) will boycott the national dialogue called for by President Al Bashir.

The spokesman for the coalition, SCP member Siddig Yusuf, told the press on Saturday that the 17 opposition parties adhere to their terms for a national dialogue. “The Khartoum regime should provide a conducive climate, including the stoppage of the wars, abolition of the laws restricting freedoms, release all political detainees. Besides, the regime should accept that the dialogue will lead to a fully transitional situation in the country.”

President Omar Al Bashir had instructed his National Congress Party’s “dialogue committee” to invite all political forces for a consultative meeting on “the optimal mechanisms for dialogue” scheduled for Sunday evening at the Guest Palace in Khartoum. About 90 political parties, led by the Popular Congress Party and the National Umma Party, were invited.

Sudan Tribune reported this morning (Monday) that President Al Bashir has announced a series of resolutions at the onset of the consultative meeting on Sunday in which 83 political parties participated.

Al Bashir “directed authorities in the states and localities across Sudan to enable political parties to carry out their activities inside and outside their headquarters without restrictions except those dictated by the law. He also pledged to enhance press freedom so that it can play its role in the success of the national dialogue unconditionally as long they abide by the norms of the profession. Political detainees who have not been found to be involved in criminal acts will be released.”

The Sudanese leader also stressed the government’s willingness to allow rebels to participate in the national dialogue and vowed to give them adequate and appropriate safeguards to attend and depart safely afterwards.

File photo: President Omar Al Bashir addressing paramilitary recruits (archive Radio Dabanga)


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