Code Pink Takes Time Out from ISIS and Hamas to Support Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Aug 31st, 2014

Keffiyah, check. Red beret, check. Commie salute, check.

The common denominator for anti-war groups is that they are really anti-American groups and they will support any and every war waged by enemies of the United States. These types of groups aided Hitler and Mussolini. Now they’re helping out ISIS, Hamas and Putin.


Here’s Medea Benjamin protesting NATO in Wales alongside CND (Yes, they’re still around and still useful idiots for Moscow) and the Welsh Communist Party.


Here’s a time warp statement from the Welsh Communist Party on the protest which is taking part in the Stop the War protest.

Nato welcomed the news when gun-toting fascists overthrew the elected Ukrainian government in February.

It has not lifted a finger in response to the massacres of trade unionists and socialists carried out on Kiev’s behalf by nazi thugs.
Rather than advise its new ally to negotiate with regions unwilling to acknowledge the coup d’etat, it has encouraged it to launch an all-out war against eastern Ukraine.

Apparently it’s still the 50s.

But the crowd seems less interested in hating NATO than in hating Jews. Lots of Palestinian flags flying and signs against Israel. Israel isn’t a NATO member, but bigots will be bigots.

Meanwhile Code Pink was also protesting air strikes on ISIS which is essentially a call for Kurdish genocide. But Code Pink has in practice operated as an arm of the Islamic Supremacist movement worldwide.

This is more of the same.

The common denominator: support for evil and aggression masquerading in anti-war rhetoric. It’s like the 30s never ended.

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