Communists Attack MSNBC Socialist for Saying Communism Doesn’t Work

By IAfrica
In World News
Jul 26th, 2014


For the love of Karl.

Communism has never been tried. No matter how often it’s been tried, it’s never really been true Communism. The No True Murderous Communist Tyranny is the No True Scotsman fallacy.

Every Communist dictatorship isn’t the really, real thing. (Via Iowntheworld)

On tonight’s Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, the stout host angered a lot of her viewers when she dared to insult Communism during a long segment where she went over a quick survey of the worst aspects of Russian history.

So all the responses are that there was no “real” Communism.

I recall Pavlov saying that if Communism were an experiment, he wouldn’t expend a single frog’s leg on it. But the experiments have to keep happening and Communism can never be disproven since if it fails, it’s not Communism.

(That should give you some insight into Obama’s mindset.)

Dear Ms. #Maddow … AUTHORITARIAN communism is a lousy way to run a country. Democratic communism has not been tried.

Or Democratic Nazism. What about Vegan Cannibalism?

You, Dr. Maddow, are one of my heroes.But, no nation ever claimed true Communism. Socialism was a “stepping stone”.

Which is a stepping stone to death camps, mass graves and playing claiming on Twitter that it wasn’t real Communism.

Communism in practice as far away from theory as NBA players are from amatuerism. Come thru it, but bear absolutely no resemblance.

Stalin was an amateur. NBA level Stalin would have wiped out the whole world.

Rachel, let’s be clear. Communism never really existed. Those nations were dictatorships wrapped in communist rhetoric. Realisism.


Funny how every attempt to create Communism leads to a brutal dictatorship. No need to learn any lessons from that. This time we’ll get it right.

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