Compassionate Conservatives and Cruel Leftists

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


The blogger this comes from may or may not be dubious, your mileage may vary, but I found the conclusion from a former OWSer interesting.

But the thing I ended up discovering, once I got involved in far-left activist culture, is that these people who profess these pure and holy views that consistently stand against oppression—are actually quite oppressive! Leftists are downright awful human beings. I learned that their ideology is how they bring balance into their lives. In order to suppress their innate desire for cruelty, they adopt an outer shell of a psyche which is opposite. For you see, if moonbats didn’t have their fluffy feel-good anti-oppression ideology, they’d probably go on a murder rampage the next day.

You see the opposite with conservatives. They tend to be innately generous, kind, giving people. So much so, that it makes them vulnerable to being abused or taken advantage of by unscrupulous liberals. So how do conservatives cope with this? They adopt a cold, hard, authoritarian ideology in order to balance out their propensity for love and kindness. It’s basically psychic self-defense.

Think back in your life to the people you’ve met. Think about how many liberals you’ve met, who professed holy views, but turned out to be dirty rotten louses without a job who turned their backs on their family. Now think about how many conservatives you’ve met, who professed beliefs you felt were appallingly cruel, yet in real life they turned out to be a gentle family-oriented people who work a productive job and are leaders in their communities.

Am I right?

From another angle, idealists are more likely to have a cruel streak to them because they put ideas over people and political ideas are often just ego misspelled. Pragmatists are less likely to profess big picture compassionate ideas, but more likely to actually help someone in need.

A lot of the left is obsessively egotistical. Its fluffy ideas aren’t selfless, they’re selfish projections of egomaniacs convinced of their own righteousness. Being egomaniacs, they have zero interest in actually helping people. Their thoughts on compassionate activism are about themselves, not about other people.

Compassion is useful when it’s pragmatic. Idealistic compassion that is global, rather than interpersonal, is the symptom of a manipulative personality.

Pragmatic people can seem cruel because they have little faith in organizational compassion. They distrust systems. Instead they help people.

Instead we have bureaucratic collectivist compassion which is actually horrifyingly cruel, as we can see through the NHS and the VA.

The idea that compassion can be embedded in systems is something that the pragmatist knows to be false. But the idealist believes in absolute control and in systems that reflect his control freak tendencies.