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on_news PM Thabane

Prime Minister Tom Thabane has still not arrived in the country and it remains unclear where he is.

Basotho have been waiting anxiously for Thabane and BNP Leader Thesele Maseribane after they left the country before Saturday’s seizure of police stations by the army.

But his deputy Mothetjoa Metsing, who is the leader of the LCD, says he is still optimistic that the Prime Minister will be in the country by Wednesday.

Earlier, ordinary Basotho said their arrival would signal a return to normality in the country.

37 kilometers away from the capital Maseru, students at the national university have been sent home as their safety cannot be guaranteed.

A lasting solution is now in the hands of those who signed an agreement in Pretoria on Monday night. But the issue of who’s in command of the armed forces is still uncertain.

Deputy Prime Minister, Motetjoa Metsing says the prime minister did not inform him about the changes therefore the appointment would be illegitimate, he is calling for peace until he receives a brief.

Planned meeting might not take place
The agreement calls for the re-opening of parliament and the implementation of the roadmap.

It calls for:

1. Parties to look at the constitutional amendment that will ensure that the public service is independent from political influence including the army and the police;

2. That the floor crossing clause be reviewed to avoid it being abused ;

3. The clause in the constitution that gives power to the PM to prorogue parliament for a period of twelve months be reviewed as it has raised eyebrows, especially with the United Nations .

The other thorny issue is to ensure that all stakeholders are included.

Political Analyst Nqosa Mahao says they have to include all parties especially the ones with 40% support.

All eyes are now firmly on the technical team that has been appointed by the Troika to assist in finding a lasting solution.

But with a lack of clarity as to when the leaders will be back in the country, there are still concerns that the planned meeting with the King on Wednesday, where the Troika decision will/should be ratified, might not take place.

This will likely delay the peace process and the opening of parliament.


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