Confirmed: Sata Out of SADC, Sends Harry Kalaba

Kalaba HarryForeign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has confirmed that President Michael Sata will shun yet another high profile meeting on August 17 during the SADC Heads of State summit billed for Zimbabwe.

Kalaba said President Sata, who is widely believed to be incapacitated due to ill health, had delegated him to represent him at the SADC Heads of State summit in Zimbabwe.

The Bahati lawmaker who accompanied Vice President Guy Scott stunned the nation by announcing that the highlight of Zambia’s participation at the Washington summit was having Scott seated two seats away from US President Barack Obama.

Kalaba is not done on his Washington tales and added that Zambia’s Human Rights record is impeccable as evidenced by United States Vice President Joe Biden sitting with the Zambian delegation.

“Zambia’s Human Rights record is impeccable, for instance when we were in the USA recently we were able to sit with the USA Vice President which shows that he approves of our Human Rights record,” a star struck Kalaba said.

“By the way Vice President Guy Scott opened the dance floor for the dinner with his wife with the United States President. Those things just don’t happen by accident.”

Kalaba said President Sata had also delegated conferences as far ahead as November as he was never keen on travelling.

President Sata has locked himself away from the public with Alliance for a Better Zambia president Father Frank Bwalya asking him to state if he had taken an early retirement from public life.

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