Conned by Fungwa Mawarire of Zim Township Global Services

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Apr 5th, 2014

Dear Editor

I am one of the people who have been conned by Fungwa Mawarire of Zimtownship. Infact he took my goods in April 2012 and up to this day he has not delivered. He cut off all communication with me as soon as I paid him off his delivery charges in June/July of 2012. I tried publisicing this on facebook to stop others from being conned as I see that his website and business are still up and running. I suspect he is also conning others through a charity organisation he has established. This guy is real crook, considering the level and amount of money a lot of people have lost. It is unfortunate that no one seems to have reported him to the police because when I checked with the police he was not even on record. I am appealing through your newspaper that all people who have been conned by this guy come together for a joint police report and a Counter Court settlement and publicity mainly to stop him from continuing to cheat and steal from people. Will you help?

Fungwa Mawarire pictured with his poster

Fungwa Mawarire pictured with his poster

Please find attached the communication between me and Fungwa and the receipts of the goods that were sent to his Manchester warehouse, which I believe he has now abandoned due to debts.

The problem is that no one has reported him to the Citizens Advidory Bureau or the Police or Trading Standards and the reasons are obvious. People are ashamed to have been conned in the first place and they don’t like the publicity or fear that if they are asylum seekers, have dodgy papers etc, contacting authorities may open a can of worms.

I want, please, through your publicity, to get as many people as possible to either contact me or you and together we file a police report, write to the companies house, inland revenue and trading standards and get this guy to stop cheating people. Will you help. I have more evidence of the monies I paid him etc.

I wait to hear from you


Concerned   (name withheld)

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