Council of states holds discussions over creation of 10 counties in Juba

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Aug 21st, 2014

August 20, 2014 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s national council of states held a sitting in the capital, Juba, on Wednesday to discuss a proposal for the creation of 10 counties in the Greater Juba region.

The sitting follows a directive in June by president Salva Kiir to create more counties in South Sudan, and is also based on a recommendation last month by Central Equatoria governor Clement Wani Konga for further deliberation on the issue.

Officials in Central Equatoria state, to which Juba belongs, have welcomed plans to subdivide the state into more counties, while insisting that additional measures be taken to further decentralise power, including the adoption of a federal system of governance throughout South Sudan.

The sitting was chaired by the speaker of the council, Joseph Bol Chan, and was also attended by the Central Equatoria state minister for local government. Chan referred the draft proposal for a second reading next month.

Juba county commissioner Stephen Wani Michael told reporters that the creation of new counties would not affect the existing county, but rather will help address ongoing problems.

The proposed new counties are listed below:

Eastern county – consisting of Liyria and Lokiriri payams (districts) with Lokiriri as headquarters after a temporary headquarters in Nyuler.
Lobonok county – consisting of Lobonok and Gazi payams with the headquarters in Lobonok.
Tuli county – consisting of Wonduruba, which will also act as the headquarters.
Juba county – consisting of Bungu and Rejaf payams with the headquarters in Rejaf.
Mangalla county – consisting of Kondogoro and Mangalla payams with the headquarters in Mangalla.
Gemeiza county – consisting of Gemeiza and Mangalla payams with the headquarters in Korsomba.
Gwor county – consisting of Reggo and Rijong payams with the headquarters in Bura.
Tali county – consisting of Tali and Tindilo payams with the headquarters in Tali.
Kwini county – consisting of Rokon, Dollo and Tijor payams with the headquarters Rokon.
Nyarkenyi county – consisting of Northern Bari payam with the headquarters in Nyulubur


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