Criminals in Robes

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Jul 28th, 2014

Last week I wrote about the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito who is abusing his office by flashing out Nolles to friends and relatives and giving out instructions to prosecute for perceived enemies.

That story has taken a new twist because there is some fresh information that needs to be collaborated so though I wanted to continue with the same topic, i will not do it till Monday Next week. However, this Monday, I would like us to look at “CRIMINALS IN ROBES.”

For those who may not be aware about where this topic is coming from, here is an introduction. Newly appointed Attorney General Musa Mwenya at a function two weeks ago said there are criminals among lawyers in Zambia and he called such Lawyers “Criminals in Robes”. The Post Newspapers in an Editorial also supported the new Attorney General but went further and said the criminals in robes are lawyers who squander or steal clients money.

No one can argue with Musa Mwenye about the existence of Criminals in Robes. They really exist but I would have loved him to identify some of the “Criminals in Robes”. Since the AG as the Attorney General is commonly referred to in the government circles has failed to identify one, I would like to help him identify some and expose the double standards of his friend Fred Mmembe.

Just last week the matter between the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) and Zambian Airways and the Post Newspapers was before the High court. The Zambian Voice a Non Governmental Orgarnisation(NGO) wanted to join DBZ in pursuing the K 14 billion owed to Zambian taxpayers. The DBZ lawyer Buta Gondwe a personal friend to Mutembo Nchito a director in the Zambia Airways rejected the free offer. Couldn’t such a lawyer be called a ” Criminal in Robes”?

Mutembo Nchito, his brother Nchima Nchito and Fred Mmembe are all lawyers. Judge Nigel Mutuna in the earlier High Court ruling ruled that the Directors of Zambian airways obtained the loan from DBZ fraudlently because they new at the time of borrowing that Zambian Airways was going under. Couldn’t these three be called ” Criminals in Robes”?

If these three can refuse to pay the money back but trick President Sata to suspend the Judge who ruled that the money was stolen and then bring in a Malawian Judge to try the Judges don’t these three qualify to be criminals in robes?

There is one thing about Zambians that surprises me. Zambians easily forget. When the matter came in the High Court last week, John Sangwa was representing the Post Newspapers and Fred Mmembe. Have we all forgotten what names Fred Mmembe called John Sangwa when he represented former President Chiluba? didn’t Fred call Sangwa and his Simenza partner corrupt lawyers in some of his Editorials though not openly?

Isn’t John Sangwa the lawyer who was put on defense with Rajan Mathani by the Lusaka Magistrate for forging a Bank of Zambia letter purporting that it was authored by then Bank of Zambia Deputy governor Denny Kalyalya when infact not?

Couldn’t Sangwa now representing the Post Newspapers be called “Criminal in Robes”?.

Yes Musa Mwenye is right. Their are criminals in robes among the lawyers but most of them are the Attorney General’s friends. He dines and wines with them. Only time will tell.

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